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We cannot think of a better time to give a really special gift, than during the holidays.  Maggie, over at Eat Boutique has gorgeous holiday gift boxes, and there is something for everyone on your list.  We are huge fans!  How about a marshmallow gift box for that sweet niece or nephew.  Or a New England gift box for that friend who is homesick for the NE.  Going to visit family or friends over the holidays, surprise them by sending ahead a Holiday Mornings gift box.

It has been way too long, since we have featured a give-away.  We love giving gifts, and want to give you one of Maggie’s gorgeous gift boxes.  The cocktail box we are going to share with one lucky reader is all about making gorgeous cocktails at home.

We love making cocktails at home!  The key to a really fantastic drink, is by using great ingredients, such as homemade bitters, syrups, and dusting sugars.  Eat Boutique is giving us their Homemade Cocktail Gift Box, to share with one of you.  Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the ingredients are really special.  For instance you will get a chance to enjoy Scrappy’s Bitters.  Their flavors are exotic …. celery, rootbeer, lavender, chocolate, as well as some traditional flavors.  We have yet to try, but have heard amazing things about Scrappy!  You will also receive some Lemonbird and Morris Kitchen simple syrups, that will take your cocktail from exotic to warm and spicy.  The holidays are meant for a little bling, and cocktail bling is very fun.  Didi Davis Food makes special sugars that rim a cocktail glass beautifully.

We cannot wait to share this with one of you!  Simply leave a comment on this post answering this dying to know question:

What is your favorite holiday cocktail to make at home?  Share the Recipe, and we will feature it during one of our Cocktail Hours!  

Hurry though;  you need to leave a comment by 11:59 PM (PST) on December 17, 2011.  We will announce the winner on the 18th of December, after we read through them all, and pick the one that makes us very thirsty.

The gift box will be shipped directly from Eat Boutique.  Due to the nature of this product, this giveaway is only open to residents of the continental USA.  Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get a hold of you within 48 hours, I will choose an alternate winner.

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Photos were styled and photographed by Maggie Battista and Heidi Murphy.   + White Loft Studio.
And the winner is …..  (drum roll please)  Tami of Run with Tweezers!  











  1. I make a pretty mean gingerbread martini. :)

  2. I follow you and tweeted the giveaway

  3. I like Chez Us on facebook

  4. I like eat boutique on facebook

  5. We got engaged in Peru and fell in love with Pisco sours. So delish. Blend the heck out of the following ingredients:

    3 oz. Pisco
    1 oz. lime juice (zest the lime first if desired)
    1 oz. simple syrup
    1/2 oz. egg white

    Garnish with 3 drops of Angostura bitters. Drink immediately!

  6. This sounds fun. I love making my own cocktails at home and I would love to kick it up a notch. I am this month’s book club host this month and I’m making chocolate peppermint martinis for the first time but generally I love entertaining my friend’s with peppermint schnapps’s and frothy homemade hot chocolate. Yum!

    Thanks for hosting this delicious giveaway.
    I shared it to FB.

  7. Marit says:

    I am currently enjoying my adaptation of a drink at Taste in Seattle.

    Fig Infused Old Fashioned
    Makes 2 drinks – share with a friend.

    1 1/2 oz Fig Infused Makers Mark
    1 oz Brandy (I like apple)
    1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
    2 dashes orange bitters (I like Regan’s)
    Orange peel

    Filter the Makers Mark through a fine strainer.
    Combine Makers Mark, brandy and orange juice over ice in two high ball glasses. Stir. Top with bitters and orange peel. Enjoy!

    Fig Infused Makers Mark
    Blend 3 oz Makers Mark with 3 T fig preserves
    (I use my own Vanilla Fig Preserves)
    Macerate for 24 hours or more

  8. I had my first Manhattan with my grandma earlier this month and I must say that I’m in love!

    Also, spiked ‘nog :)

  9. I also liked Chez Us on Facebook. Reminded me that it’s been far too long since I’ve been to the bay!

  10. I also liked Eat Boutique. Thanks! :)

  11. Lauren says:


  12. Marisa @ The College Cuisiner says:

    What a great giveaway, thanks! I would love to win this. I become the family mixologist during the holidays. This would be such a great addition for our faimly Christmas Party.
    For Thanksgiving I made Fresh cranberry maritinis. I got the idea from House beautiful but I changed it alot by making my own cranberry orange juice for the cocktails.


    Thanks again!

  13. Marisa @ The College Cuisiner says:

    I follow you and liked Chez us on Facebook. Thanks again!

  14. I am really a novice when it comes to making cocktails at home. One of my goals for the new year is to learn how to make all of my favorites. My favorite drink as of late is mulled wine. It is one of my favorite drinks this time of year.

  15. Steve2inLA says:

    Have to be a Sazerac ’round these parts. Here’s my recipe:

    Sazerac Cocktail
    Always use a nice big rocks or Old-Fashioned glass for this drink.

    1 tsp SIMPLE SYRUP
    2 oz RYE WHISKEY
    1 oz COGNAC

    Add the absinthe to the glass, then swirl it around to coat the entire sides and bottom of the glass. Discard the excess, although if you enjoy a bit more of the flavor of the absinthe or Herbsaint you may wish to leave a small amount of it in the bottom. Remember that the flavor of the absinthe should be there, but in the background — it should not dominate.

    In a cocktail shaker, add the sugar syrup, whiskey and bitters. Add ice and stir gently for about 30 seconds (and for God’s sake don’t shake it — you don’t want a frothy Sazerac) or until the drink is cold, then strain into the Herbsaint-coated glass. Twist lemon peel over the drink, and try to watch carefully to make sure a cascade of tiny lemon oil droplets actually strike the surface of the drink; this is one of my favorite parts of the preparation ritual. Rub the twist over the rim of the glass, then add as garnish. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the greatest cocktails in the world.

  16. Lisa D. says:

    Eggnog and hot buttered rum are my two favorite get-in-the-holiday-spirit cocktails. Cheers!

  17. Lisa D. says:

    Tweeted at @LisaSaysLook2

  18. ladywild says:

    I’m not sure if gin and tonics count as a christmas drink, but I do love them.

  19. simple really – 2 oz x-rated, 2 oz vodka (home-infused berry, if possible), and 4 oz lemonade.

  20. Lauren says:

    We love warm drinks over Christmas, such as mulled wine or spiked cider because of they way they make the whole house smell like Christmas. Recently we were having a gold themed party and used goldschlager and apple cider and it was a hit.

  21. Lauren says:

    I liked Chez Us and Eat Boutique on facebook.

  22. Heidi S says:

    This is a new one for our 2011 holidays:

    1 1/2 oz Vodka

    1/2 oz Mulled Spice Simple Syrup (make simple syrup, infuse with mulling spices, strain, and chill until ready for use)

    2 dashes Scrappy’s cardamom bitters

    Burnt Orange Peel (Slice of orange peel held under a lighter for 5 seconds to release some of the oils)

    Shake Vodka, syrup, and bitters with ice. Serve up in a martini glass along with the orange peel.
    Happy Holidays!

  23. Heidi S says:

    I am following @chezus and just tweeted the following: I just entered to win a Homemade Cocktail Gift Box from @eatboutique and @chezus!

  24. Heidi S says:

    I just liked Chez Us on Facebook.

  25. Heidi S says:

    I just liked Eat Boutique on Facebook.

  26. My favorite drink is either a pina colada or a mudslide.

  27. Does a Hot Chocolate made with Peppermint Schnapps count as a cocktail? How about bourbon with peppermint schnapps and a dash of sweet vermouth? Pepperminthattan! Oh I should be in serious trouble for that.

  28. You know I like you on Facebook!

  29. Same goes for liking Maggie’s Facebook page too.

  30. I am MISSING cocktails this year, but all that stuff can be used for awesome mocktails (in fact, I bought the Scrappy’s gift set for a cousin for Christmas). In boozier years, this is one of my favorites:

  31. i’ll be making Springtime in Paris cocktails this Xmas – something I first had this year at The Driftwood Room in Portland, Oregon. So simple but really special – 3 or 4 drops of rhubarb bitters, 1 ounce of St. Germain and then top off with champagne. Sooo good!

  32. Hot apple cider
    Mulling spices
    Dark Spiced Rum

    Together=the best chilly day mixed drink to warm up to.

    Happy Holidays!

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