I have steered clear of wine spritzer type cocktails since my early days of drinking.  Back then it was often a overly sweet and fruity drink that left a headache afterwards.  Then I discovered the fine art of adding ice to my glass of Rose during a trip to the south of France.  Being from California, one would never put ice in their glass of wine, but it was a marvelous idea, that in turn helped create this light and refreshing cocktail.  Thank you Kate!

Wine Spritzer

I always like to serve a special cocktail at the beginning of a dinner party, more so during the holidays.  The ritual adds a little something special to the day.  What I love about serving this wine spritzer is that the drink is  light and not overly sweet, which means there will be plenty of room left to devour all that great food.  Another wonderful thing about serving a lighter cocktail before a meal, is that no one is overly tipsy from drinking martinis.  I like use a slightly fruity rose or sauvignon blanc for this pre-dinner drink, which pairs nicely with the aromatic bitters.  The bubbly water makes it even more festive.

Happy Thanksgiving!




Recipe:  Wine Spritzer



  • fruit rose or sauvignon blanc
  • club soda or make your own using a Soda Stream (which is what we do – LOVE)
  • lemons
  • aromatic bitters (like scrappy’s and their little kits)
  • fresh cranberries for garnish

How To:  (check out the following video)

  1. Toss a few ice cubes into a wine glass, then fill half way with wine.
  2. Add a couple dashes of aromatic bitters, and rub a lemon twist around the rim.
  3. Top off with some bubbly water.
  4. Garnish.
  5. Serve.
  6. Sip.






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