The shortage of limes in the country is not a reason to stop drinking margaritas.  There are many options where you can still enjoy an icy summer treat, such as citrus, melons and even bottled mixer.  Not sure why I even suggested that as I hate bottled mixer.  It tends to be overly sweet, not enough sour, and typically is not even made with real juice or sugar.  Lucky for me, our produce guy lined up bottles of Santa Cruz Pure Lime Juice where the limes would usually live at the market.  What did I go?  Grabbed a couple bottles, came home and made my very own delicious homemade margarita mix.


Homemade Margarita Mix


Today’s post is all about celebrating 7 years of Chez Us blogging.  Yep, 7 years ago, I got the crazy idea after spending too many hours indulging in other blogs, that I should jump on the crazy blog wagon.  What purely started as an experiment turned into a passion.  After all, I was able to combine two loves, cooking and photography.  Every year I toy with the idea of putting this gal to sleep but then I look into my soul and kitchen and realize how much I actually do enjoy sharing a slice of our life with all of you.

Now we are probably not the best food bloggers out there as we don’t have an editorial calendar per se, and we do get busy and don’t get to all your comments, we post whatever meal fancies us, and we may go two, three or maybe four days before posting.  For instance, I had all intentions to share a savory dish with you today, our famous chicken enchiladas (have been making since I was a kid), but then life took.  Car problems which left me stranded, then I cut my hand badly while washing dishes and everyday stuff just flooded our lives.  I was going to apologize for all the things we do not offer our readers such as not jumping on the trends of skinny this or that, or worse yet full-fat oreo stuffed pies and cakes (do people really eat these things), while we love a good slice of bacon you won’t see it in all our recipes from sweet to savory as there is a time and place for everything.  Just because it is a big holiday you will not find our site stuffed full of gooey treats 4 weeks leading up to the big day, nor will the site be flooded with enchilada recipes a month out from Cinco de Mayo.  You may find some of these “trend recipes,” it just may be after the fact, then you can use it the previous year or you can enjoy deviled eggs in August.

What you will find is honest to goodness, home cooking.  There isn’t anything I don’t think one can make at home without a little time and patience, and I love doing or making just that.  As well you won’t find a lot of overly processed food on our site as we feel like people should be eating real food and not filling their bodies up with crap.  Half of the reason the US population is so sick is by eating the junk that lines the aisles at the markets.  Just because a label says it is low-fat or no sugar doesn’t mean it is good for us.  Okay, I will stop, that is for another day.  I have had people come up to me, and say it is too hard to make homemade at home, friends our recipes are really simple.  Not often do I spend the whole day cooking, I wish I had that luxury.  Just because I say fresh doesn’t mean hours of stirring the pot.  Our recipes are wholesome, reliable and easy for you to make at home.

What else you will find over at Chez Us is compassion and the vibrancy to live life.  We enjoy sharing a little of us in our posts, and we cherish the people and relationships that have come from Chez Us, and that our friends are one of the reasons we keep chugging along.  Relationships always make the world go around, good honest food helps spice it all up.

We thank each of you for continuing to come and sit around our virtual table.  Maybe someday we will be able to share a meal in person;  wouldn’t that be nice.  Your comments whether good or bad are always appreciated, and it makes us so happy to read when a recipe has helped change someone’s life.  We would like to involve you more and to get to know you better.  Leave a comment, tell us what we could do better to make your experience more enjoyable.  Is there a recipe you’d like?  Or maybe you need some guidance with stocking your pantry.  Just whistle and let us know.

In the meantime, come to celebrate 7 delicious years with us by making this killer homemade margarita mix.  It is good with or without tequila as well, so everyone can enjoy!


Homemade Margarita Mix


Homemade Margarita Mix

** makes almost 4 cups of mix


1 cup sugar

2 cups water

2 cups of lime juice

How To:

Place the sugar and water in a medium-sized saucepan over medium-low heat.  Simmer until the sugar dissolves, stirring occasionally.  This will take about 5 minutes.

Let cool slightly.

Add the lime juice, stir and then strain into sterile bottles.

Place in the refrigerator until ready to mix up the margaritas.

Pitcher of Margaritas

** makes about 4 – 6 margaritas


2 cups of Homemade Margarita Mix

1 cup white tequila

8 dashes Scrappy’s orange bitters


margarita salt

lime slices

How To:

Place the mix, tequila, a handful of ice and the bitters in a pitcher.


Dip the cocktail glass in some salt, if you want salt.

Fill the glass halfway with ice.

Pour some of the margaritas into the glass.

Garnish if a lime slice, if you have one.



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