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New to Blogging

New to Blogging

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Hello World!  I am new to blogging.  In fact, two weeks ago, I had no idea what a blog was!  I am excited to be here but also so scared to hit the publish button.  I have so much to learn I am sure of that, but let’s start with a margarita!  

New to Blogging and a Margarita


A little something about me.  I love food and photography, so let’s see what happens here.  I live in San Francisco in a tiny barely 20sq. ft apartment with my boyfriend, Lenny.  We have a really little kitchen, and it is kind of amazing what I can do in such a small space.  Goes to show you that bigger is not always better.  

I enjoy cooking a lot, in fact when I wake up in the morning food is always on my mind.  What to have for breakfast all the way to dinner.  I changes almost daily so I never have a plan.  I like to eat seasonally too.  I feel like it is better for the environment and it ends up being cheaper.  

We started the evening with Blood Orange Margaritas and Organic Corn Tortillas with Eggplant Salsa.  We are super crazy for Eggplant right now! After a few noshes, we moved to a Vegetarian Enchilada with a roasted tomatillo chipotle sauce. I have to say the veggies were cooked just enough, with a little crunch and the sauce had a nice bite of spice, with an undertone of smokiness, all went nicely with the Margaritas!

We should all have something sweet in life as life is too short, so we had a small dessert which was Zest of Blood Orange madeleines dipped in a semi-sweet Scharfenberg Chocolate.

Time to hit the couch and watch a good movie.  Have you seen one lately?  

I hope you like what I have to share as it is kind of scary putting yourself out there in this big old world especially on the internet.  Hey, I have nothing to lose so here I am.  

Recipe:  Blood Orange Margarita

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Saturday 20th of June 2009

I found this blog on Google. It looks great, keep up the great work! ;)