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Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail with Szechuan Buttons

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail with Szechuan Buttons

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This Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail with Szechuan Buttons recipe is an electrifying cocktail that will surely tease your taste-buds and tantalize your senses!  It is crazy as in crazy fun as well as delicious to drink.

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Justin of Marx Foods contacted us and was wondering if we would be up for trying out a couple of their new products, in particular, black garlic and the mysterious Szechuan (Sechuan) Buttons.  We are always up for trying something new out and especially something we have never heard of, such as the Szechuan Button.  Now, I did not know much about them but once I started investigating, my interest was peeked, especially when the package they came in said, “eat at your own risk”.

A bit about the Szechuan Button (taken from the Marx Food site) – “they are an unusual food in that their primary use is not nutrition or flavor but rather to impart a sensation to food and drink. They possess a slightly bitter, herby flavor that isn’t unusual, but a few seconds after consuming them something very interesting begins to happen in your mouth!

Eating a few tiny petals from a Szechuan button leads to a tingling sensation, almost like mild bubbles from an effervescent beverage popping on the tongue. It is similar to (but much more intense than) the tingling imparted by Szechuan peppercorns, which is how this flower gets its Chinese name, despite originally being from Africa. Part of the secret of this effect may be that these flowers contain a natural painkiller sometimes used to a numb toothache, hence their other nickname: toothache plant. It is not unpleasant, but surprising, and sharing just a small pinch with friends will cause a look of confused wonder.  Super fun party food.  

I had a few ideas but the first that came to mind was to make a fun cocktail.  Since it was the holidays I knew a bottle of bubbly would be involved.  I had some Pomegranate Simple Syrup that I wanted to use, mostly for color, but also to add some tartness.  I gently floated the Szechuan Button petals on the top of the cocktail and with every sip, a few of the delicate petals flowed into my mouth.  Let’s just say there was definitely a party happening!  

Not only did you get the sweet champagne bubbles tickle my tongue but there was an electrifying zippy feeling from the petals.  A very fun cocktail to serve to the unexpected.  Would I use them again?  Most definitely!  I am already thinking of other recipes to use them in!

Recipe:  Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail with Szechuan Buttons


1 tablespoon pomegranate simple syrup
1 glass of your favorite champagne
1/2 teaspoon szechuan button petals

How To:

Pour the simple syrup into a champagne glass.

Lightly drizzle the champagne into the glass, do not disturb the simple syrup and do not stir.

Sprinkle the petals over the top.



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Microwave Cart

Sunday 12th of December 2010

i love food and drinks that are very tasty. i do eat a lot and drink a lot of alcohol these days ;-,


Saturday 2nd of January 2010

Now that would have been nice (and apropos) for me to ring in the new year. I'd never heard of Szechuan Buttons - cute little zingers!

The Purple Foodie

Friday 1st of January 2010

The szechuan buttons sound so interesting. Make me think of those magic flavour berries that were in the news a while ago. Happy, happy new year to bot of you - it's been so wonderful knowing you. :)


Thursday 31st of December 2009

How beautiful. Everything is better with champagne. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Boston. Have a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year!