2014, where are you going?  I cannot believe it is May, nor can I believe the 7 year anniversary of Chez Us is literally around the corner.  To kick off the celebration, I whipped up the perfect blood orange margarita, which happens to be the first thing I blogged about.

Perfect Blood Orange Margarita | Chez Us

It was hot, hot, hot the other day in Oakland, and we really needed to cool off.   I stumbled upon a few of the last blood oranges in our market and decided it was a great day to cool off over margaritas.  Since limes are scarce this year, I am all for using another available citrus during margarita season, which I think is officially begins May 1.  Don’t worry if you cannot find blood oranges in your market, regular oranges work too.  At times I can find blood orange concentrate in the juice or frozen juice aisles, so be sure to look there, as well.  What really kicks this margarita up a notch is the addition of ginger, as it gives it a subtle spiciness, where people always wonder what that secret ingredient is.

With the weekend here, as well as Cinco de Mayo around the corner, or to help Chez Us celebrate 7 years, why not whip up a batch or two.  Scroll down for more margarita ideas.



Perfect Blood Orange Margarita | Chez Us



Perfect Blood Orange Margarita

2 cocktails



1 tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger, I use a microplane

1 cup fresh blood orange juice 

2 tablespoons lime juice  – I am using Santa Cruz pure lime juice until limes return to the market

10 tablespoons tequila, we like silver, as well you can add more if you dare

2 tablespoons Cointreau

Cracked ice

How To:

Put the blood orange and lime juice into a shaker, add the ginger, tequila and ice.


Strain into a glass over ice.

Float Cointreau on the top.


Sip don’t gulp.


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