I am going to keep this short and sweet just as this Grapefruit Margaritas with Pomegranate Syrup is.   I was not even going to share this recipe but then I was telling Allison about it and well, here is the scoop.  We cheated on our Ten in 10 last night.  It had been a long week and I decided as we were making dinner that we needed to take the edge off, as well Lenny was making his famous chili and one cannot drink tea with chili.

January 22



Grapefruit Margaritas with Pomegranate Syrup

*makes two drinks


3 small grapefruits, juiced

1 small orange, juiced

pomegranate simple syrup, to taste

3 ounces dark tequila


How To:

Pour everything into a cocktail shaker and shake.

Put one ice cube in a glass.

Strain margarita over the ice cubes.

Pour a small tequila floater on top.




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