I love Anita’s site Married with Dinner.  Every time I read it I am completely inspired to start the tradition of cocktails in our home on a regular basis.  If we had more space we would probably be doing just that.  When we visit Montana, we seem to have cocktails more often, maybe because we have more space and a bar dedicated to just making those vibrations or maybe to deal with the craziness of family?  What do you think?


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In honor of Thanksgiving week, I wanted to make the Oh Henry cocktails.  Unfortunately, when I ran to the liquor store I forgot the Benedictine so I am calling this the Oh Montana cocktail.  We used ginger beer and bourbon.   It was spicy and smooth great alongside the old turkey.

Oh Montana Cocktail


1-1/2 oz bourbon
1-1/2 oz spicy ginger ale
splash of bitters

How To:

Place all ingredients into a large glass filled with ice, and stir until cold.
Pour into a cocktail glass.


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