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Preserved Meyer Lemon Cocktail

Preserved Meyer Lemon Cocktail

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I adore our friend Maggie, and one of the things I adore is that she always seems to find new and exciting foodie items.  Recently she reached out to us and was wondering if we would be interested in playing with some Morris Kitchen Syrups.  I had been dying to try out their syrups in our cocktail creations, and could not wait to try the Preserved Meyer Lemon Syrup.

The package arrived, just as I had imagined it;  wholesome and beautiful.  I have a thing for simple, clean, and interesting packaging, and Morris Kitchen drew me in.  Sometimes you can tell by the cover, how wonderful it will be.  I slowly opened the cap, waiting for the perfume to grab me;  it didn’t disappoint.  Immediately, I could smell the Meyer lemons with a hint of the sea.  Then I poured a small drop onto my fingertip, and slowly swirled it into my mouth, letting every last drop linger for a couple seconds.  It was perfect;  sweet, salty and tart.


That first drop had me, and rum, gin, vodka, tequila;  all sorts of cocktail combinations started to whirl through my mind, but the one that kept coming back was Mezcal. The thought was so intense that I could almost taste it, even before making it;  smokey, sultry and salty.  Like the end of the day, laying in the sand on an exotic beach.

Recipe:  Preserved Meyer Lemon Cocktail 

Eat Boutique sells Morris Kitchen syrups in their amazing cocktail gift box – a wonderful gift, but you will want one for yourself!  As well you can head over to Morris Kitchen to find out how to purchase their syrups;  they have three flavors, Ginger, Apple Cider and Preserved Meyer Lemon.  They are also great to cook with.

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