It is really fun to have a special cocktail to serve on a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.  We typically enjoy a nice bottle of bubbly, but with my latest obsession Punt e Mes, we will be enjoying some of Cupid’s Arrow.

Cupid's Arrow

Are you familiar with Punt e Mes?  I wasn’t until I enjoyed a cocktail out recently, and I was very intrigued by the bitterness that came with each sip.  I mean wildly intrigued.  Needless to say the next day we ran to our favorite liquor store and picked up a bottle and it was the last bottle!  Score!  Ever since I have been enjoying a splash in my tonics as well as on its own while watching bad television.  What is this Punt e Mes some of you may be wondering?  It is an Italian vermouth which is a rich brown color with a unique bitterness that ends slightly sweet.  It is really delicious, complex and somewhat unexplainable.

Cupid’s Arrow is made with some of our favorite bubbles, a heavy splash of Punt e Mes and a swirl with a rich Luxardo cherry.

Happy Valentines’ Day – may Cupid’s Arrow find his way to your heart or at least in the form of a delicious cocktail!

Cupid's Arrow


Cupid’s Arrow

** serves one


champagne or sparkling wine
1 ounce punt e mes
Luxardo cherry

How To:

Pour the punt e mes into a cocktail glass.
Fill with the champagne or sparkling wine.
Place the cherry on a cocktail stirrer and swirl through the bubbles.

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