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Eau de Vie Poire Cocktail

Eau de Vie Poire Cocktail

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The first Fall pears have started to arrive in our market.  I immediately brought some home with intentions of not only enjoying them, but to make a bottle, or in this case, a Mason jar full of Eau de Vie Poire.  If you are not familiar with Eau de Vie Poire, you should be.  It is a gentle liqueur that is made from fermented fruit and alcohol;  otherwise, known as a fruit brandy.  This recipe is very simple to make.  You only need ripe pears and some vodka, as well as time.  I definitely recommend taking of advantage of pear season to make a batch or two of this liqueur to enjoy throughout the year.  This cocktail recipe for using it for an Eau de Vie Poire cocktail is one of many ways to enjoy it.

You may be wondering what you should do with your mason jar full of liberations.  Eau e Vie Poire is lovely to enjoy on its own or to use in cocktails as well as in baking.  It adds a warm kick to whatever you decide to add it too.  As well it would make a lovely gift to share with someone who enjoys unique alcoholic beverages.  I keep thinking I should have made a few extra batches to give as gifts this holiday season;  there is always next year.  In the meantime, we wanted to share a holiday cocktail using a little of the Eau de Vie Poire.

The past couple weeks we have been playing around with making new cocktails using bottles of champagne and other assorted alcohols.  One of our favorites has been made with the homemade Eau de Vie Poire as well as some good ole Rye.  The warm, earthiness of the pears compliments the smokey undertones in the rye.  Champagne, well one cannot, have a holiday cocktail without some bubbles.  This recipe really is a lovely cocktail!

We also wanted to share some exciting news which is all about spirits.  We were recently approached by about our thirst quenching recipes, and we have decided to start a partnership with them.  We like their expertise in the field as they work with master mixologists and top spirits experts.  You will notice a side bar on our site, where you can take advantage of some unique specials on spirits as well as featured recipes.

Recipe:  Homemade Eau de Vie 

Recipe:  Eau de Vie Poire Champagne Cocktail


blood orange bitters
1 oz eau de vie poire
1 oz rye
pear slices, as a garnish

How To:

In a champagne glass add a splash of bitters.

Swirl around the glass.  Pour the remainder into another glass to use for another cocktail.

Add the eau de vie poire and rye to the champagne glass;  stir.

Top off the glass with champagne.

Garnish with a pear slice.



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Alison @ Ingredients Inc.

Monday 26th of December 2011

sounds delish! Happy holidays!


Sunday 25th of December 2011

hmmm that cocktail is so inviting!