We fell in love with real tacos during a trip to Sayulita.  I say real, because the tacos that we eat here in the states, is nothing like the ones we had in Mexico.  Here, tacos are always full of cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and few scrappy tomatoes.  Sure they are tasty, and hit the spot;  but, they are nothing like a true Mexican taco.  The tacos we had in Mexico where made with the freshest ingredients from the protein all the way to the vegetables.   No cheese.  No sour cream.  No guac.  Depending on the stand we ate at, some where made with a savory slaw or pickled vegetables.  One thing that was always the same was the savory, grilled meat or fish, and the lightly spicy creme. These rock cod fish tacos are as good as what we were eating on the streets.

Rock Cod Fish Tacos

I remember one particular night of taco gorging.  We found this little taco stand, just off the main street, next to a liquor store, it wasn’t anything fancy.  Plastic tables and chairs, dirt under our feet, and a young kid, grilling away.  He instructed us to go across the street, get some beer, come back, order some tacos, and sit.  Being like most somewhat cautious “Americans”, we only ordered a couple tacos at first;  after all, he was cooking in the dirt.  We sat down, and he brought them over.  First bite, with caramelized beef fat running down our faces, and spicy, pickled peppers dancing on our tongues, we were in love.  We ended up sitting there for some time, drinking beer, and ordering more tacos, and more tacos.

This recipe is not from Mexico, but rather a Bill Granger inspired one.  It is close, very close, to what we were eating in Sayulita.  Lightly marinaded fish, grilled until slightly crispy, and then nestled into a corn tortilla and covered with a spicy cucumber and tomato salad, with just a drizzle of savory creme.  Pass the beer, and you are all set for a take back to sunny Mexico with these amazing rock cod fish tacos.

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