I had originally wanted to have cod for the dish I had in mind, but when I got to the market Sunday, they were out of cod.  Tilapia was on sale.  Now it is not organic, I have a hard time believing my fish can be organic, but they were farm raised.  Tilapia is a rather mild, slightly firm but delicate  fish.  I usually steam it with some white wine and some sort of citrus zest.  Tonight was a little different and I was looking for a bolder flavor.

I sauteed some thinly sliced white onion with garlic and then added some sliced carrots for color.  After all the seasonings were soft I added a can of chickpeas – we love chickpeas!  It really is a versatile legume and is very good for you.  While the dish simmered I seasoned the Tilapia with paprika, salt and a little pepper.  I think used the grill pan and cooked the fish until it was golden.  To serve I ladled the chickpeas into a wide soup bowl and gently laid the fish on top and gave a dusting of sea salt.  I served a simple red leafed butter lettuce salad drizzled with the leftover dressing from the celery root salad.

The dish was light, flavorful with a bit of smokiness.  For dessert we had a slice of the TWD Gingerbread – YUM!

$ 9.92 for 4 servings.   Dinner and lunch for the next day.

We have news as well – we made the Alltop list!  Guy Kawasaki is one of the brains behind Alltop.  It is an online magazine rack with a wealth of information.  You can really find everything there;  be careful you may become addicted!  Thanks to the Alltop for listing us!

Farmer’s market or grocery store?

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