One of my most memorable meals that I have enjoyed (we are talking in the top 10) was a fantastic Portuguese Lobster meal at Lenny’s sister’s home.  I gorged myself silly, in fact, I thought I may die on the flight home that evening.  Joe, Lenny’s brother in-law, made this spicy sauce that was one of the best things I have ever put into my mouth, and it went so well with the sweet lobster.  Once you have Lobster Azorean Style with Joe’s Spicy Portuguese Sauce you may never go back to butter alone.


Lenny came home Sunday afternoon wanting to make dinner for me and he wanted to make lobster with this spicy Portuguese sauce.  Now, I am not one to turn down a lobster dinner, or one including this sauce and especially one made by man (so sexy), so we hopped in the car and trekked down to the wharf.  Now the wharf on a Sunday afternoon is the wrong place to go but I was so excited about this meal that all other places slipped my mind.  After searching a few of the markets we found fresh Maine lobster, grabbed a one and half pound-er and headed home.


Normally, I just boil the lobster in a boiling pot of water that is seasoned with fresh lemon, thyme, white wine, an onion and garlic.  Lenny feels bad just plunging him into a boiling pot, so he does it the way he learned, I like to call it the Portuguese way:  he cuts the tail off, cuts the body in half and cleans it out and then we boil it, it comes out very flavorful, clean and succulent.  To serve, just pass a big bowl of Joe’s Spicy Portuguese Sauce and indulge!


Lobster Azorean Style with Joe’s Spicy Portuguese Sauce

*recipe from Joe Moniz


1  yellow onion, thinly sliced

3 tablespoons, fresh crushed red pepper, if you can find Portuguese use that, if not harissa works well

2 garlic cloves, minced

parsley, handful, minced

olive oil, a good Portuguese one

red wine vinegar

1 lobster cooked to your liking

How To:

This is really made to taste.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, except vinegar and olive oil.

Adjust crushed red pepper to taste.

Drizzle olive oil over, just enough to combine everything together.

Sprinkle a little red wine vinegar over the top and give a good stir.

Serve with cooked lobster.


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