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First day of October, this is the day I consider the “real” first day of fall and it definitely felt like fall.  The air was crisp as the evening cooled down … not to mention the fog rolled in!  We were feeling exhausted and hungry when we got home from the office and decided it would be a good night to stay in, pour a glass of wine and make dinner.  Just get cozy.   Cozy for us equals food home cooked French food.

We made a French onion soup and a Frissee salad with poached eggs.  I did take some fennel, thinly sliced it and carmalized it with the onions for the base of the soup.  The fennel gave it a slightly sweet taste, it was really refreshing and a  nice surprise.  I found my original recipe for Frisee salad, it is a Alice Water’s one and it is by far the best we have ever made.  Not only very easy but the flavors are fantastic!  After eating the Frissee salad with the crispy bacon and warm poached eggs, flavored with a slightly garlicky and dijon dressing, I decided this was definitely my favorite salad.  I probably could eat it almost everyday and this is coming from the girl who really is not a “big egg” fan.  If you think about it, it really is a meal, you don’t need anything else but a warm piece of bread and a nice glass of wine!

Thursdays dinner will include the “other white meat” as well as a write up on what we are doing this month!  Come dine with us later.

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