As a regular reader you know how much we love Gourmet Magazine and yes, we heard the near horrible news that they be be under by year end.  Their January issue is really fantastic and is filled with mouth watering Italian dishes.   There is not one that I do not want to make, but this recipe for Octopus and Potatoes really pulled me into the kitchen.


octopus-under-the-knife-0109We both love Octopus.  Lenny loves them big or small.  I prefer them small or on a sushi platter.  When I saw a recipe in the January issue I knew I had to make it and after reading it I knew I would be adding my own spin to it.  The recipe calls for jarred octopus –  yick!  The first change would be to use fresh baby ones.  The recipe also calls for using the boiling water from the potatoes – I substituted with some white wine.



This recipe is part of their easy gourmet meals and it was.  I had dinner on the table in less than an hour and this included all the prep work, , i.e. cleaning baby octopuses who had sad little eyes.  While cleaning the little guys, I gently boiled Yukon potatoes until tender.  Then I slowly cooked some red onion with garlic and dried chilies.  Then it was seasoned with red wine vinegar which was reduced to a sweet but sour demiglace.  Right before serving, I added the potatoes, some white beans, the little guys and white wine, and heated through.  La e Pranzo!

This dish is really flavorful and full of texture!  Next time I would probably add a bit more garlic and peppers, otherwise, we really enjoyed it!  If you love octopus you will too!


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