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Courgette Sauce

Courgette Sauce

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Sharing this recipe with you with the hopes you enjoy it on Meatless Mondays.  This recipe for courgette sauce also known as zucchini sauce is my new favorite vegetarian recipe.  It is really good on its own or paired with spinach balls.  

I am always on the lookout exciting veggie inspired recipes, and the Antonio Carluccio cookbook has been filling my void in vegetarian recipes.  Excuse me as I go on and on about how amazing this cookbook is.  It is my new favorite go-to cookbook for fresh Italian cooking.

Spinach balls have been showing up on our table very often since I bought this cookbook.  Then I discovered the recipe for Courgette (zucchini) Sauce.  Now to mix the two together all the time.  Once you try this creamy and dairy-free sauce (except for the cheese I sprinkle on top – optional) you will be enjoying it as much as we have been.  It comes together quickly while the pasta is cooking.  

Simplicity is key to this recipe.  Fresh zucchini is finely grated, then mixed together with lots of garlic, chili flakes, lemon zest, and a heavy hand of olive oil.  The finely grated zucchini literally melts into the olive oil to create a sauce that clings onto every piece of pasta. The original recipe calls for cheese to be added to the sauce but I leave it out as it comes out rather creamy already.  I do sprinkle a little cheese on top.

Don’t limit this sauce for this recipe alone.  It also pairs very well when served with grilled salmon and chicken.  I simply grill either fish or chicken, then spoon a small amount of sauce over the top;  serving the extra alongside for dipping!


Courgette Sauce Zucchini Sauce

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Yield: about 2 cups of sauce

Courgette Sauce

Courgette Sauce Zucchini Sauce

Grated courgette (zucchini) makes this pasta sauce rich and creamy. A fantastic vegetarian pasta option.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon red chili flakes
  • zest from 1/2 organic lemon 
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 medium zucchini, washed, dried and finely grated
  • kosher salt to taste
  • black pepper to taste
  • pasta of choice, I like bucatini
  • spinach balls, optional but goes very well


    Cook the pasta according to directions on the package - use salted water. 
    Drain, reserving 1/8 cup of the cooking water.
    Fry the garlic and chili in the olive oil for 1 minute. Do not brown the garlic or it will become bitter.
    Add the grated zucchini, stir, and cook for 5 minutes over low heat. The zucchini will become soft and start to blend together.
    Stir in the lemon zest and the 1/8 cup of reserved pasta water. 
    Season with the salt and pepper to taste.
    Cook for another 3 - 5 minutes over low heat until creamy.
    Remove from the heat and toss with the pasta.


Don't add cream to this sauce as the grated zucchini will make it rich and creamy.

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Thank you for joining us at the Chez Us table. We truly love having you here.Have you made this recipe?  Please share what recipes you are enjoying from Chez Us. We would love to see and be able to share with our followers. Use the hashtag #chezuseats on your social media channels, then we can pull a chair up to your virtual table and share with our friends.




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Wednesday 11th of February 2015

I love courgettes. And I actually love - and sometimes crave - pasta with courgettes so I love the idea of doing more than just steaming it. I will be trying your sauce!

bob bobbinsworth

Sunday 24th of February 2013

Didn't you feature this recipe on Feb 04th?

Denise Woodward

Monday 25th of February 2013

Hi Bob,

This recipe is actually for a sauce that was tossed with pasta. The spinach balls go along nicely, but are not required. We have been enjoying the creamy sauce on grilled meats as well.

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