With Spring in the air, and Mother’s Day around the corner I am thinking about this savory recipe for Mushroom Crepes with Gruyere Béchamel Sauce.  Wouldn’t it be perfect for a special brunch?  If our mothers lived nearby they would definitely be spoiled at our home while enjoying this recipe along with something bubbly!

Mushroom Crepes with Gruyere Béchamel Sauce

What makes this such a great recipe is that it meatless, and all the wonderfully rich flavor comes from mushrooms.  Lots of cremini mushrooms.  It is really easy to replace meat entirely or to adjust half meat and half mushrooms in any recipe using The Blend method, which we do more often than not, and no one will ever know.  This particular time we keep the recipe vegetarian and upped the number of mushrooms by blending half of them and slicing some for added texture.  You can use your favorite savory crepe recipe or do as I did and buy pre-made ones at the grocery store.

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Recipe:  Mushroom Crepes with Gruyere Bechamel Sauce

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