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Homemade Cultured Butter

Homemade Cultured Butter

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Life is too short for bad butter!  It is no secret that I like making butter.  I tend to make it for dinner parties as it is impressive, and when I tell guests how to make it they are in awe.  I read about how to make cultured butter a couple years back, and the place I learned about it escapes me;  Food and Wine or Bon Appetite, one of those foodie mags.  Regardless, after making my first batch of Homemade Cultured Butter, I was hooked!

Homemade Cultured Butter

Trust me this recipe will definitely WOW your dinner guests, and it is just dang good!  Creamy, slightly tart and delicious.  Did I mention it is so easy to make?  All you need is a good quality heavy cream and some creme fraiche or Greek yogurt, plus a little time!  And a mixer.

The key to good cultured butter is not only using good quality ingredients but letting the heavy cream and creme fraiche or yogurt sit in a jar on the kitchen ground for at least 24 hours but not more than 48 hours.  Don’t worry it will not go bad.  The difference between using creme fraiche and yogurt is based on taste;  I find the yogurt a bit more tangy.  Try both versions and see which you prefer.  We like them both, and I use what I have on hand.

I simply pour everything into a mason jar, screw the top on and give a shake, then place on the counter.  Every so often when I walk by I shake again.  I have tried both times, and I prefer 48 hours as the butter it slightly tangier.  Try it at both times and go from there.  After the two have mingled together just whip it into butter – you can see some process shots from a previous butter post.  Super simple, super good!  Also, I do not put butter that is going to be used on toast, etc.. into the fridge.  I keep it covered in a butter dish, on the counter, just the way my grandmother use too.

Homemade Cultured Butter

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Recipe:  Homemade Cultured Butter


1 pint of good quality heavy cream
3 tablespoons creme fraiche or whole milk Greek yogurt
kosher or Maldon salt – I prefer Maldon

How To:

Pour the cream and the creme fraiche or yogurt into a large mason jar, cover with the lid, and shake just enough to lightly mix.
Place on the counter and forget about it for at least 24 hours up to 48 hours. I give it a gentle shake whenever I walk by it.
Pour the cultured cream mixture into a large mixing bowl and place into the refrigerator for one hour.
Beat with a whisk attachment until the butter separates from the liquid.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve, then rinse with very cold water. Drain off the water and rinse again with very cold water.
Let drain for 30 minutes.
Stir in salt to taste.
Wrap the butter in cheesecloth and lightly squeeze out any water.
Place the butter into a covered butter dish. This is the one I like to use or any covered dish will work.
Refrigerate if you prefer. We keep it on the counter as it is usually gone within 1 week.

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Friday 22nd of July 2016

When I make cultured butter I use one quart heavy cream mixed with one half pint butter milk mix together cover with tea towel and sit on counte three to four days until it tastes tangy then I churn to get cultured butter and I make bread with the butter milk. Yum