Need a quick and easy dinner that is not boring?  Here is a simple and flavorful Roasted Capsicum Ricotta Pasta recipe using easy and super fresh ingredients;  roasted capsicum (red peppers), fresh creamy ricotta and whole wheat pasta.  I fall back on this quick and simple meal often during a busy week.  To say it is a favorite of ours is an understatement.


Okay, forgive us as we are on a Donna Hay kick again.  Sorry, we just cannot quit, her recipes are simple and so darn good!!!

Tonight we made an easy pasta dish with roasted peppers and ricotta cheese.  I love both of these items for a few reasons.  Roasted peppers go well with pasta, on pizza, sliced over a bed of salt cod, or even in eggs.  Ricotta you can add to pasta, onto a pizza or even eat as dessert with honey drizzled over the top!  We usually have both items in the house and I guess, it can be called a “staple”.  You will love this easy pasta dish as dinner is ready in 25 minutes!

Thank you for joining us at the Chez Us table;  we love having you here.

Have you made this recipe?  Please share what recipes you are enjoying from our site with us – we’d love to see them.  Use the hashtag #chezuseats on social media channels, then we can pull a chair up to your virtual table and share with our friends.

Roasted Red Pepper and Ricotta Pasta


*serves 2
*adapted from Donna Hay

200g whole wheat pasta

150 g roasted capsicum, roughly chopped

1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted

2 small cloves garlic, minced

sea salt and cracked black pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil

100 g fresh ricotta

1/2 cup basil leaves (suppose to use mint but it went bad)

How To:

Cook the pasta in a saucepan of salted, boiling water for 10 – 12 minutes or until al dente.  Drain and return to the pan.

Place the capsicum, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in a bowl and stir to combine.

Add the pasta with the ricotta and basil and toss to combine.

Garnish with pine nuts.




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