Whenever the conversation of eggs comes up in a group, Lenny is the first to say “Denise doesn’t like eggs”. It isn’t that I dislike eggs, what I dislike is when eggs are not cooked properly. Something I dislike even more is when a good egg is not made into an amazing deviled eggs. I tend to lean more towards classic deviled eggs made with a touch of mayo and mustard. A little creamy but not too creamy. I still like to taste the egg.

Deviled Egg

This recipe is a good one to have on hand as Easter is around the corner, and most likely those with littles at home will have an abundance of hard-boiled eggs on hand.

Recipe:  Classic Deviled Eggs


6 hard-boiled eggs, cut in half, yolks removed

2 tablespoons mayo, we prefer full fat, real mayo

2 tablespoons mustard, I prefer dijon but use whatever is your favorite

1 teaspoon cider vinger

kosher salt, to taste

fresh cracked pepper, to taste

dill – optional as a garnish

paprika – optional as a garnish


How To:

Add yolks, mayo, mustard, and vinegar to a small bowl.  Mix well until smooth.

Season with pepper to taste.

Put mixture back into the egg whites.

Garnish if desired.



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