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This recipe for pumpkin pull-apart bread is one of my favorite fall baking projects.  It has all the flavors that I associate with warmth.  Pumpkin, cardamom or cinnamon, vanilla, and maple.  I have been making a few versions of savory pull-apart bread for awhile.  Every time I bake a loaf of pull-apart bread, I keep thinking …

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I have been looking forward to this month’s luncheon since it was announced. I love having breakfast for lunch or even for dinner. It is fun to mix it up, and keep your people on their toes. When I first heard we would be noshing on pancakes for our luncheon, I thought of savory crepes, or spicy Socca. After spending the day at St. Beniot with Danielle, my taste buds switched gears and were hungry for tangy, and sweet.

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