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In all honesty, I was not really sure what a sunchoke was before tonight.  I was just interested in trying something new as I did the shopping last weekend.  I actually thought it was related to our friend the artichoke, but after some research, I found out it is related to the sunflower and has nothing to do with Jerusalem.  “A sunchoke is an underground vegetable like a cross between a rutabaga, potato, sunflower seed, and water chestnut. Also called a Jerusalem artichoke, it is not like an artichoke bloom, nor does it grow in Jerusalem. It’s one of the few native tubers of North America.”  Want to learn more click here.

I made a soup out of the little bag of sunchokes.  Just a plain simple soup.  It was easy.  It was very tasty:  a bit earthy like a potato and nutty like a just roasted chestnut.  I did add some left over Anaheim pepper, which gave it a mild spicy taste.  Overall, it was really a nice little soup.

Next time, I may try to add some sunchokes to mashed potatoes instead of our new favorite add-in, Celery root or maybe I will add some to a salad as it has a nice crisp texture when eaten raw.


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