Making soup can be very easy and this cauliflower soup couldn’t be easier.  It is so basic;  blanched cauliflower, puree with the blanching liquid and season with salt, pepper, butter and a little olive oil.  It is low fat and vegetarian-friendly as well.


I am just going to say it, tomorrow I will be 42!  There I said it.  I have to admit I am finally comfortable with being in my 40s.  Took 2 years but I am there!  What is another comfort over at Chez Us?  We love making and eating soup and we seem to do it very often.  Maybe it is because you can be creative with it or maybe because it is a comfort thing, as the evenings we decided to make soup seems to be when we have had a long day at the office.  Tonight was not that way.

I have been trying to master the perfect Cauliflower soup.  One that is not cream based and one that would not turn neon yellow from the stock (okay maybe a little too much photoshop, too).  I love the silkiness and creaminess of the perfect Cauliflower soup and I found it.  Elise over at Simply Recipes, recently posted the perfect bowl of Cauliflower soup.  I knew when I saw it that we had to have it!  The recipe is so straightforward and easy;  cook cauliflower, puree, season and serve.

We had received some salts from the wonderful folks at Saltworks when we were at the Fancy Food show and one of the flavors was a truffle.  I had been waiting for the perfect dish to try it out on and when I saw this recipe, I just knew it would be delicious with this soup.  I lightly drizzled some olive oil on the soup and then sprinkled a heavy dose of the truffle salt.  I did skip adding salt during the puree process.  The truffles really complimented the earthiness of the cauliflower and the creaminess of the butter added to the soup.

Thank you, Elise, for a great recipe.  Be sure to check in and see what kind of birthday culinary capers will be taking place – I don’t even know yet!


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