Now you may think it is too early in the year to start thinking comfort food.  I mean, I kind of think it is, but then I remind myself that comfort food should be relished all year.  This recipe for white chicken chili is the perfect dish to ease you into a cozy winter of comfort eating.

White Chicken Chili | Chez Us

This recipe is perfect as far as I am concerned.  I loaded it with dark chicken meat, hearty white beans and two types of chilies;  don’t worry it isn’t overly spicy.  Another great thing about this recipe, it can be made long and slow or quick and easy.  You decide by varying a few of the ingredients.  Oh, and did I tell you, it is easy on your waistline.  Instead of rich sour cream as a topping I use creamy avocado, and loads of green things such as cilantro, tangy limes and green onions.  No worries, even the guys, will enjoy a big bowl during football season!

Now onto some exciting news.  This recipe is the first of many that I will be developing and photographing for Relish Magazine.  Yep, I signed on a few weeks ago to work with their fine team in creating some delicious.  There will be lots of good things happening over here at Chez Us, and in turn over at Relish.  I think you will be just as excited as we are.  And you can follow the behind the scenes shooting over at my Instagram feed as well as theirs.  Too fun, isn’ it!  That being said, is there something you are craving this Fall and Winter that you’d like to see a recipe for?  Leave a comment below ….

Now back to this Seasons Best White Chicken Chili, now is the time to grab the recipe, and whip up a batch.  Make it to enjoy during the week or make a batch for your next football party, it is sure to please all.

Happy Fall!

Recipe:  White Chicken Chili

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