It is Tuesday.  You know what that means, another drool-worthy day with the talented bakers over at Tuesdays With Dorie .  This week’s challenge was the Florida Pie . It is a variation on a Key Lime Pie. I have never had a Key Lime Pie, I know, that is weird, so I was excited to try this out. As well we were having company over for dinner, so this was perfect for the meal we had planned. What was even more perfect, was that Lenny wanted to help make it – I know, he is really taking that active role in this whole “cooking” and “blogging thing”, don’t be too scared!







The recipe is pretty straightforward and simple. I did use unsweetened flaked coconut for the coconut cream portion of the recipe, we don’t care for over the top sweet as well I skipped the coconut in the meringue. As I was saying it was really simple … we made our own crust which is so easy, then we made the coconut cream and the filling and baked it all. After letting it set up for an hour in the freezer we started with the meringue.

Lenny was eager to help with the warming of the eggs as he had helped with this process another time, so he mixed the sugar with the whites and started whisking away at the stove, while I got our mixer ready. After a few minutes, I hear him say, “I don’t think they should look this way.” Sure enough, scrambled whites. Toss them out, washed everything up and started again. This time the action time at the stove was perfect, the whites were warmed and the sugar dissolved, off to the mixer and it continued going smoothly. Until I decided to clear off the counters, to free up space ……. just as I grabbed the photo sweep, it sweep the bag of pearled sugar into the mixer – &@&*^%, Holy (*&^@, what was that??!!!! Plastic bag and big chunks of sugar all over the “perfect” meringue. Time to try it one more time and this time it had to work as we only had 6 eggs left and I needed them for some macarons we were making! All was fine and Lenny had a great time using our kitchen torch, to brown the meringue, it came out so pretty! I took over 300 photos – thank god for digital – to get the right one, but our lighting will never be right, oh well!







The pie was really good.  The crust was crumbly, the filing and the coconut cream had the perfect smooth texture, and it was not over the top sweet, as well it was not overpowered by too much coconut (one of our dinner guests ended up not liking coconut – UGH) and it was surprisingly light. The only thing, it was really not “key limey” or “citrusy” tasting, next time I would add more lime to it. Definitely will be a new favorite in our house, for summertime dining.


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