Hello World!  I am new here to this little blogging space.  In fact, two weeks ago, I had no idea what a blog was!  I am happy to be here but also so scared to hit the publish button.  

A little something about me.  I love food and I love photography, so let’s see what happens here.  I live in San Francisco in a tiny apartment with my man lover, Lenny.  I hope you like what I have to share as it is kind of scary putting yourself out there in this big ole world especially on the internet.  Hey, I have nothing to lose so here I go.  

We started the evening with Blood Orange Margaritas and Organic Corn Tortillas with Eggplant Salsa.  We are super crazy for Eggplant right now! Next, we moved to a Vegetarian Enchilada with a roasted tomatillo chipotle sauce. I have to say the veggies were cooked just enough, a little crunch and the sauce had a nice bite of spice, with an undertone of smokiness, all went nicely with the Margaritas!

Need something sweet in life so we had a dessert which was a Zest of Blood Orange madeleines dipped in a semi-sweet Scharfenberg Chocolate. Time to hit the couch and watch a good movie.  Have you seen one lately?  



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