Mini Pumpkin Tarts

We are in LOVE with this recipe and have over-indulged about 6 times in the past three weeks.  These adorable little tarts are nutty, creamy and full of pumpkin happiness.  Guess what?  No wheat, dairy or processed sugars were used.  Now, don’t click off yet, trust me this recipe for mini pumpkin tarts is amazing.


Mini Pumpkin Tarts


Back in September we decided to limit our intake of wheat, dairy, and processed sugars.  The reasoning behind this decision was for a couple reasons, Lenny has high cholesterol as well as diabetes, as well my mother was just diagnosed with the latter.  Really, we just felt we could do better with our diets.  I mean, I love nothing more then eating cheese five times a week but does my hips and my heart really need it?  For the past two and a half months, we have been pretty darn good by being really aware of what is going into our bodies (more so than before).  The funny thing?  Once you start, you really don’t miss it, and when  you do finally have a nibble, crappy food just doesn’t do it for you.  Anyhow … this recipe is made with love and heart healthy good ingredients.


Mini Pumpkin Tarts


You may remember a vegan apple tart that we shared with you back in September, and you are thinking we are going vegan along with giving up some of the most delicious things in the world.  Don’t worry, we aren’t.  And this tart is not vegan, I did use an egg.  Even though we are giving up the above mentioned or at least trying to cut back, we still crave a little something sweet and special.  This tart fills that void.  We love it so much!


Mini Pumpkin Tarts



Don’t forget to pass a bowl of  Coconut Milk Maple Whipped Cream!











  1. Love these little tarts! I need to experiment more with alternative ingredients, too… this might be the perfect recipe to start with (because I get dessert after all my hard work ;)).

  2. These look lovely! Hope you two have a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. What scrumptious tarts! The crust is a fabulous cradle for all that lush pumpkin goodness!

  4. I need to buy some ring molds so I can make these! Where did you get yours from?

  5. These tarts are so beautiful! If I had your skills in making healthy food this delicious, I’d probably eat a lot better myself. :) Love this post (and step 13 in your directions — that I can do!)

  6. They truly are adorable :) I love them! I bet they taste just perfect as well!


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