Nutella Pull Apart Bread with Blood Orange Icing

There aren’t many “baking food blogging” events that I get a chance to participate in recently, due to work schedules or waistlines!  One that I do not like to miss is World Nutella Day.  Who doesn’t love Nutella?  Am I right?  The brain children behind World Nutella Day are Michelle of Bleeding Espresso and Sara of Ms Adventures in Italy, you will undoubtedly want to check out their sites for more creamy Nutella!

I remember the first time I enjoyed this creamy culinary delight.  It was 9 years ago in the city of love.  It was our first trip together to Paris, and it was in blistery February.  We were all about eating and drinking in order to keep warm!  We were wandering the streets of Paris when we came upon older gentleman on the street corner making crepes.  I was going to order my favorite, which is simply buttered crepes, when Lenny talked me into trying Nutella.  I always had this feeling that Nutella would be like Vegemite.  I was seriously wrong.  And I became seriously addicted.

Nutella Pull Apart Bread with Blood Orange Icing

This year I decided to make one of my favorite baked items, the pull-apart bread.  I know!  I know!  I have gone a little crazy with the savory and sweet pull apart bread recipes.  I just love how the loaves come out light and airy every time.  As well, they are beyond impressive when you present your dining guests with warm bread.  I decided in honor of World Nutella Day, I would stuff my pull-apart bread with lots of Nutella, and I mean lots of it.  The chocolaty nutty Nutella goes extremely well with oranges, so I made icing using some fresh blood orange zest and juice.  The bread was so gooey as in gooey fun upon taking the loaf out of the pan that you could not help but giggle with every bite!

More wonderful Nutella recipes in honor of today;  I will be updating throughout the day.  Be sure to come back for more!








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