Healthy Asian Chicken Salad

While we miss the city, deeply, we are excited to have a real summer this year.  Scorching hot days, and balmy nights.  That is the one compliant we have about San Francisco there are no real seasons.  Even though, we are only 10 minutes from downtown, the temperature is consistently 10 – 20 degrees warmer. YEAH!  And hot weather means time to explore those recipes for hot days that we have not made in a very long time.  One of them has been this killer recipe for a Healthy Asian Chicken Salad.



As we are anticipating many balmy nights of dining al fresco, I am searching out easy and light meals to make after a long day of working.  A favorite of mine for nights like these is this amazing Chinese Chicken Salad.  I have been making (and hiding) this recipe since moving to California some twenty years ago when I had my first taste at a restaurant by the name of the Good Earth.  I loved the tangy dressing with crunchy noodles.  Over time, my recipe has evolved, and finally, I have nailed it.



When I started playing with this old favorite last week, I knew one thing, I wanted the dressing to have more flavor beyond sesame oil.  A little kick and a lot of tang.  Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup was exactly what my recipe needed to go from good to outrageous.  I added a generous helping of this gingery simple syrup, along side sesame oil, soy, rice vinegar, chilies and lime.  It was creamy, slightly spicy and just tangy enough.

Remember the poached chicken I introduced during a Back to the Basic’s post, well, it is perfect to use in Chinese Chicken Salad.  The silky chicken loved being bathed in this tangy dressing.  To add texture to the salad I used a mixture of baby greens, carrot ribbons and blanched baby bok choy.  Crunch came in the form of toasted sesame seeds and fried won ton chips.

Hot summer days and balmy evenings are a great excuse for a picnic, as well.  This Chinese Chicken Salad packs up perfectly.  Toss the shredded chicken meat with half of the dressing.  Pack the greens and carrot ribbons separately from the chicken.  Pour the toasted sesame seeds into a small container and pack the won tons chips in another.  Put everything into a cooler, with a bottle of lemonade or Rose, grab your picnic gear, pack a blanket, and head out with the one you love.

Happy Summer.






  1. You know, of all the times I have visite SF, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced warm weather. In fact, my one winter coat was purchased a couple of Septembers ago in SF when I was freezing my buns off! Yes, I’m a San Diego wimp.

  2. That syrup would totally be my thing, but I become a little obsessed with anything that has ginger in it. Salad looks lovely… might try it with some seared tuna. Seems like that would work nicely.

  3. I´m getting to know asian flavors so I need, for a while, to follow recipes exactly until I become familiar with how the ingredients work together. This salad sounds good to the last detail, from the ribbons to the seeds, and the ginger. What a great recipe.

  4. I shouldn’t have started reading food blog before getting my lunch for the day. Now I know that *nothing* I choose will come close to this salad. It looks so good!


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