Labor Day is really the last weekend of summer.  Kids are back in school.  Vacations are over.  Time to start settling in for a long winter.  For most of us it is the last weekend of grilling.  I know we will be getting in our fair share of charred meat and icy cold bevies this weekend.

I was thinking of sharing a new favorite cocktail with everyone this weekend;  but, then I thought again, back to this recipe.  I want you ALL to make this dish for the long weekend.  Full of beans, salty pork, spicy Chipotle, ripe peaches and sultry rye.  This baked bean recipe has depth;  not over sugary or salty, just full of flavor.  Don’t be afraid of the peaches in the BBQ Sauce, it is not fruity at all, it was used more as a natural sugar.  Trust us, you will love it.

Have a great weekend & be safe!

Do you have a favorite Baked Bean recipe?  If so, what do you consider to be the secret ingredient?


Recipe:  Baked Beans

In a large stock pot cover the beans with cold water. Set aside to soak for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, drain the beans.

Put back into dutch oven and cover with water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a very low simmer. Cook until the beans are tender; about 4 – 5 hours.

Drain, reserving about a cup of liquid.

In the same dutch oven, add the diced salt pork and minced onion, over low heat cook until the onion is soft; about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally, to distribute the goodness.

Add the BBQ sauce, stir, cover with a lid and bake in a 325 oven for 4 hours. Stir occasionally.

Season with salt to taste.






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