Homemade BBQ Baked Beans

Labor Day is really the last weekend of summer.  Kids are back in school.  Vacations are over.  Time to start settling in for a long winter.  For most of us it is the last weekend of grilling.  I know we will be getting in our fair share of charred meat and icy cold bevies this weekend.

I was thinking of sharing a new favorite cocktail with everyone this weekend;  but, then I thought again, back to this recipe.  I want you ALL to make this dish for the long weekend.  Full of beans, salty pork, spicy Chipotle, ripe peaches and sultry rye.  This baked bean recipe has depth;  not over sugary or salty, just full of flavor.  Don’t be afraid of the peaches in the BBQ Sauce, it is not fruity at all, it was used more as a natural sugar.  Trust us, you will love it.

Have a great weekend & be safe!

Do you have a favorite Baked Bean recipe?  If so, what do you consider to be the secret ingredient?



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  1. Peach in baked beans? That I will have to try!

  2. Your photography is beautiful! I mean, making baked beans look gorgeous is no easy task! Yum :)

  3. Love this! Especially the barbecue sauce. I love spicy/fruit flavors, like in salsas.

  4. Barefoot Pregnant And In The Kitchen says:

    yum this looks amazing! I love good baked beans at any cookout!

  5. so pretty! Great looking recipe

  6. I love this take on baked beans and the sauce is a nice twist. I’m thoroughly jealous of that cast-iron pot.

  7. Love the idea of peach in beans. Its new to me so definitely would try it out. Love the photo.

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  8. Delicious, reminds me that I should make some this week-end :)

  9. When I saw this photo my mouth started watering. You take such amazing pictures, and this just looks divine. I am going to make it this weekend.

  10. European says:

    Yeah, homemade my ass, made with a bottled sauce. You Americans call homemade anything that requires a bit more than opening a tin.

  11. European – thanks for the comment. I wish I could say it was made with a bottle I popped open as it would have taken me less time to make then it did. But … our friend, we make everything from scratch. :)

  12. American in France says:

    I see now from looking again, the BBQ sauce is not from a jar but where’s the recipe..I’d like it. Thanks for sharing Denise. I couldn’t help myself but retort…


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