Black Beans, Black Bean soup, refried beans, mexican food, cooking, recipes, culinary, food and wine, easy meal, dinner I am not sure if I have just been lazy or I am really just, too busy! There is a lot going on this week, with squeezing in as much “summer fun” as I can with the MEM, working with FVM, and trying to get ready for a camping weekend. All I can say is, “I AM BEAT” and I wish I could say that the camp would be relaxing; but, 4 families, 3 dogs and 5 kids later, I don’t think it will be very quiet!

Lenny has been traveling for work this week, so this leaves me not really wanting to cook for myself. So, I squeezed in a dinner at a new little French Bistro, with a friend of mine and have been pretty much slumming it. When Lenny is gone, I have a tendency to really not cook much, with the exception of the other night. Actually, I usually do one of the same things every time he is gone and it is one of the first things I ever learned how to cook, when I was 13ish.

I was given a cookbook on Mexican food and even at the tender naive age of 13, going up in hoe-poke country town, I knew there was better out there and when I saw this recipe for homemade refried beans – YIPPY! Something not out of a can! I remember making it, loving it and resorting to it often during my teens, as well as my 20s and only the last 10 years or so, I have adapted the same memory imprinted recipe to be more of a soup and not refried. The recipe and the ingredients are basically the same with the exception of using black beans and fresh chili peppers, now. Sometimes, I add some cheese on top or sometimes some sour cream, such as today. Regardless, it is simple, tasty and comfortable, for when I am alone!

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