Black truffles also are known as tuber melanosporum are a type of fungus which grows at the roots of specially inoculated oak trees. Each winter truffles are found by specially trained dogs who smell truffles which are located from 5cm to 30 cm below the ground.


Lenny got a fantastic birthday package in the mail today from our friend, Celine, founder of Gourmet Attitude.  A box with 3 Australian Black Truffles.  He was not home but I knew when I saw the box that it was something very special;  I ripped it open.  As soon as I removed the little brown bag and carefully opened it, the moist, woody perfume filled the kitchen.  I was in heaven and could not wait for him to get home to indulge!  What a very special treat!

We wanted to make something deserving and decided that a bowl of homemade pasta would be perfect.  We are all about fresh homemade pasta since purchasing a machine on our trip to Montreal.  I used the same recipe as before, but this time we made fettuccine instead of angel hair.  The topping was simple, a little olive oil and a shaving of fresh truffle.  The dish was warm, earthy, slightly nutty and a little mossy, absolutely perfect!  Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best dishes!  Thank you, Celine!





Open to Other Truffle Recipe Ideas?

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