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Super Moist Banana Bread

Super Moist Banana Bread

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I have been keeping this Super Moist Banana Bread recipe a secret for some time now.  This banana bread is really the BEST I have ever made.  It is so moist and flavorful or as Lenny likes to say it is “For Reals.  Don’t tell anyone, but it is almost better than our banana chocolate chip banana bread.  You will definitely want to add this recipe to your regular baked goods rotation.

super moist banana bread

This recipe has been updated as I am home during Covid 19 and reworking some old favorite recipes.  Don’t worry it is still as good as it was before.  In my opinion, it is even better now.  

Things I have changed?  I am not using coconut oil in this recipe.  I am giving you the option of using but I have eliminated coconut oil not banana bread, from our diet.  Lenny has genetically high cholesterol, and his doctor frowned at the fact that I cook with coconut oil.  His thought was that real butter (in moderation) or olive oil would be a better choice.  That being said if you have made this recipe using coconut oil and you like it, then go for it!

I use to use yogurt cheese as well for this recipe but it has become hard to find,  now I am using cream cheese.  Again, if you can find yogurt cheese, it works really well.  Kind of use what you have on hand.  Currently I have been keeping extra cream cheese in the fridge as it has been a hot commodity in our area.

super moist banana bread

Another change to my original recipe is the addition of another banana to fancy things up.  I started using an extra banana in my chocolate chip banana bread recipe and it was a game changer.  Now, I am adding a sliced banana to the top of the bread along with a sprinkle of sugar before baking.  The sprinkle of sugar lightly carmelizes the banana giving it a pretty golden color.  Besides the pretty color, it is so good!  


  • Mixer
  • Loaf Pan
  • Parchment Paper


  • 4 bananas is optional but go for the 4th as a topping for the bread.  The flavor is even better and the loaf of bread is ultra moist.
  • Sift the dry ingredients as it helps make the bread a bit lighter and not over dense.  
  • Vanilla, most banana bread recipes do not use vanilla but this flavoring helps the banana flavor stand out.


Recipe:  Super Moist Banana Bread


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter or coconut oil
1 cup of cream cheese, yogurt cheese or sour cream (if in a pinch) – full fat – do not use low or fat free
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
3 medium-size bananas – 4 bananas if you want to fancy it up
2 teaspoons vanilla

How To:

Heat oven to 350.

Line a loaf pan, with parchment paper.  I lightly butter the sides to prevent any sticking.

Sift the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl;  set aside.  I use a fine sieve as I do not own a sifter.

In a mixing bowl, beat the butter or coconut oil on medium speed, until soft;  about 1 minute.

Add the cream cheese or yogurt cheese, and continue beating on medium speed, for 3 minutes.

Add the sugar, and mix at medium speed, until fluffy;  3 minutes.

Add 3 bananas and vanilla and mix for another minute.

Add the egg and mix for a minute.  

Add the dry ingredients, mix on medium speed, until combined;  about 2 minutes.

Pour into the loaf pan.

If adding the banana to the top – slice the 4th banana and lay on top of the batter.  Lightly sprinkle the slices with a little sugar. 

Bake for 55 – 65 minutes.  Each oven is different, start checking at 45 minutes.  You want the bread to be golden brown.  A knife will come out clean when you slide it into the middle of the loaf.

Keep in mind if the banana slice is added to the top it will take a little longer – even up to 70 minutes.  

Remove from the oven and let sit 20 minutes before slicing.



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Wednesday 8th of March 2023

Hi. I love this recipe and have made it many many times. Plus whenever I have made it everyone loves it and wants the recipe. I keep having a consistent problem though, it drops after it’s taken from the oven and is cooling. And when I cut into it the lower half is more goey looking. I thought this was because I used frozen bananas. But made recently with unfrozen and it was the same issue. Is this because it’s not on the correct oven rack? I have tried convection and have done middle of the oven. It’s still delicious but it frustrates me that this happens.

Denise Woodward

Sunday 12th of March 2023

Kim - thanks for the info. Where are you located? Weather, altitudes, etc can really mess with baking. Let me know, as I can try to help you out.

Mary Lynn

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

I'm confused lol. I read your article prior to reading the posted recipe and see where you experimented with coconut oil however, the actual recipe does not show coconut oil??

Denise Woodward

Friday 10th of January 2020

HI Mary Lynn - thanks for reaching out. You can use either coconut oil or butter depending on your personal preference. :)

Shauna Duty

Wednesday 19th of July 2017

Super moist is on par. This is not a super sweet desert bread. It's more of a breakfast bread. With honey and butter or ghee, it's sweeter. I added a cup of pecans, yum! My new go to recipe for banana bread! Thank you!

Denise Woodward

Friday 4th of August 2017

Isn't this a great recipe, Shauna. I have been letting bananas brown on purpose the past couple months, just to enjoy this recipe. I will have to try adding nuts sometime - thanks for the suggestion.


Sunday 18th of June 2017

I already made this twice and my family just eats it all up. So glad I found this recipe. This is my favorite banana bread recipe now. I haven't used coconut oil with it though but I do add a 1/2 tsp vanilla extract on mine and bake it for an hour. It always comes out perfect. Thank you for posting this great banana bread recipe.


Friday 18th of September 2015

I used a scale and weighed out 1.5 cups of flour (180 g), after baking for a little over an hour, the loaf was flat and looked very oily. Do you think I needed to add more flour?


Sunday 20th of September 2015

That is very strange - did you add the baking powder and soda? Where are you located at? At times weather and altitude can effect baking. Let me know .. [email protected]