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Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

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Clara over at I Heart Food for Thought was our gracious host for this week’s Tuesday With Dorie (TWD) challenge and she picked Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes!  I love chocolate, so I knew this would be a fun challenge for me.  

Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

We had a birthday brunch celebration to go to and I knew this would be the perfect gift for our friend, Erin.  Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolate chocolate cupcake to celebrate their birthday?

The recipe was pretty simple, chocolate, flour, sugar, and buttermilk, basically.  In fact, it was so easy, that I kept reading through it thinking I had missed something.  As with all of Dorie’s recipes, that I have made so far, it was true to the serving amounts – twelve cute little cupcakes.

I kept going back and forth on whether I should fill them or not.  I really wanted to, but, I was not sure I would have time and I did not want to use store-bought fluff. 

Right before the final step, I whipped up a batch of Dorie’s Marshmallows flavored with cardamon to use as my fluff!  The finishing touch was a very deep bittersweet chocolate ganache topping with whimsical sprinkles! Very fun birthday celebration!

The end result:  very easy recipe, great flavor but a bit on the dry side.  I may try again before going back to my fall on cupcake recipe;  but, I will add more buttermilk and bake a short amount of time.

Pour yourself a big glass of milk and head over to Clara’s site for the recipe, and while planning our baking session be sure to check out the other TWD bakers!


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White On Rice Couple

Monday 27th of April 2009

OMG! How did I miss this post? It's amazing and I'm craving it right now. I love your cupcakes and hope everyone gets a chance to try one! Thanks to your new site, I can see everything that I missed! I like the way it brings up your older stuff.


Wednesday 29th of October 2008

Yum, they look delicious!


Wednesday 29th of October 2008

Lovely cupcakes! I wanted to fill mine too but was too lazy lol


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

Wow, you really went all out on these! Great job!


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

they look great! awesome filling idea, cardamom marshmallow sounds delicious :)