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Roasted Peach Lavender Ice Cream

Roasted Peach Lavender Ice Cream

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Last week, I took MEM out to pick berries.  Once we got to the farm, we found out there would be no berry picking, instead, we could pick peaches and apricots!   While I love berries I was secretly happy as I love peaches and apricots even more.  Now, what to do with buckets of stone fruit? One makes a batch of Roasted Peach Lavender Ice Cream.  Then we sit back on the porch with four spoons and enjoy.



Recipe:  Roasted Peach Lavender Ice Cream


2 Peaches
Sprinkle Lavender
Sprinkle of L. Brown Sugar
1 1/4 C. Heavy Cream (I prefer Organic)
1 C. Whole Milk (Organic)
1/4 C. Half and half
6 Egg Yolks
3/4 C. Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean

How To:

Cut peaches into quarters and sprinkle with sugar and lavender (to taste) and put into a 400-degree oven – roast for about 30 minutes.
At which time, turn off the oven and let them cool while still in there. After cool, chop into pieces – I use a pair of kitchen scissors to this.
Put the cream, half and half and milk into a saucepan. Split vanilla bean and scrape seeds into the milk mixture, throw in the pods as well.
Bring to a boil. While milk is coming to a boil, beat the egg yolks with the superfine sugar until light and creamy. Add the boiling milk to temper, then return to the stovetop, stirring constantly until the mixture lightly coats the back of a spoon.
Strain the mixture into a bowl and let cool to room temperature.
Freeze according to your ice cream maker.
About halfway thru the freezing time, I added the chopped peaches and their juices.
Continue freezing until done and then store in the freezer until you are ready to eat.

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Tuesday 15th of July 2008

Just picked up a pint of peaches and now I know what to do with it :)


Sunday 13th of July 2008

You bet it's sweet enough to entice...flew here from Mikes'. Great ice-cream & lovely pictures too. YUM!!


Tuesday 8th of July 2008

What beautiful pictures! I'd love to just pluck down that peach.