Blood Orange Bars

Some very close friends of ours, just brought a bundle of joy home. We decided to surprise them with a “baby dinner.” Now that most of us are well into our 40’s, the stork does not visit very often, so these surprise dinners are far and few in between.  By now, you may be crinkling your nose, and wondering what a “baby dinner” is.  A baby dinner, is a homemade meal, that the happy family can enjoy.  Very little time in the kitchen, to prepare;  more time to enjoy baby.  Now, it is nice to bring baby something, but, the parents really enjoy this meal more then the little guy, will be enjoying, another blankie.

I normally make up a big batch of pesto and give two big containers to the parents.  Enough, to use throughout the week, and another container for the freezer.  I also include some great pasta, salad fixings (complete with homemade vinaigrette), fresh bread, a bottle of wine as well as bubbly water, and a home-baked treat.  Since, I knew mama bear, liked our spicy tomato sauce, I made a bit batch of this.  Enough for dinner that night, and an extra for the freezer.  Instead of the usual chocolaty brownies, or grapefruit bars that I normally add to the baby dinners;  I decided to try something new. We have a big bowl of blood oranges on the counter.  We have been using them, mostly for cocktails, throughout the winter.  I thought they work out nicely in place of lemon, in a bar recipe.  I made a basic sweet dough, for the base of the bar.  Then I made a dreamy, and creamy blood orange filling.  It reminded me of a creamsicle.  I thought about tossing in a shot of rye;  but, they also have teenagers, so I kept the recipe “family friendly”.  Next time.  I don’t dust my citrus bars with powdered sugar, as I find they are sweet enough.  These blood orange bars are perfect;  slightly crunchy and melt in your mouth creamy.

Do you have a favorite citrus bar, that you like to make?

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  1. You are a sweet, sweet friend! I’m sure the new parents enjoyed it. Mmm…next time I see some blood oranges I won’t have to think of what to do with them. I have this filed! :)

  2. Those look amazing, I can’t wait to try out the recipe. I also love that you use your big bowl of blood oranges mostly for cocktails. I think I may have to follow suit. :)

  3. Oooh I wish I had known you when we brought our bundle of joys home! How kind and thoughtful you are and these are all wonderful gifts! These bars sound fabulous (even if I don’t like Creamsicles. At all.) and how I love citrus desserts. Yes please.

  4. A sensational twist on these delightful blood orange bars. So thoughtful of you to make a special dessert for your friend’s special dleivery. This recipe is bound to become everyone’s new favorite… thank you for sharing!

  5. Also try Meyer Lemon bars – unreal!

  6. Blood oranges are my favorite. I can just imagine the vibrant sweet/tartness that they add to these bars.

  7. What a thoughtful gift idea for new parents. I am definetly bookmarking this recipe.

  8. I’m still getting to know blood oranges and haven’t used them in cooking or baking at all. Yet. Never thought to feature them in a curd on bars, so thanks for the inspiration! Now I just have to wait another year to make these… ;)

  9. oooh these look sensational. I love using limes or ruby red grapefruit for my bars! Currently though I cannot save the blood oranges long enough to actually cook anything with them.

  10. These look fabulous. I found my way here by chance but I’ll definitely be back. I love the food and recipes you feature for your readers and your blog is a lovely place to visit. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  11. Looks awesome and health bars!

  12. For the crust…is the ratio of flour to butter correct? Mine would never come together it looked like melted butter soup!

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