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Roasted Carrots

Roasted Carrots

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Carrots are a great vegetable, crunchy, refreshing, and full of vitamins.  Why would anyone boil it to death, unless, you are going to mash it.  We love to toss whole carrots with a little olive oil and slip them into the oven until caramelized.  Perfect served alongside a nice roast or winter stew.  These roasted carrots will change the way you look at carrots.


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Roasted Carrots

*serves 4


1 lb of carrots

a drizzle of olive oil

kosher salt, to taste

How To:

Heat oven to 425.

On a baking sheet, lay the carrots and drizzle, lightly, with olive oil.

Place in the oven, roast for 5 minutes.

Remove from oven, turn the carrots over.  Put back into the oven and roast for another  5 – 7 minutes.

Remove from the oven.

Sprinkle with salt.





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foodies at home

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

I am growing carrots in my garden this year and will have to try this out...never thought about leaving the tops on but it really adds some fun!


Monday 21st of March 2011

I can stare at that photo for a long time. Beautiful.