A couple weeks ago we were craving a big spicy sandwich.  Something that we normally never have and we wanted it to be a classic.  We tossed around the idea of a burger;  NO!  A sloppy hot dog with all the fixins;  NO!  Roasted turkey with spicy mustard:  NO!  Then it hit us.

We ran to the store picked up some white bread, after all a classic sandwich has to be on fluffy white bread.  Then we fried up some meaty Applewood bacon.  Buttered the bread and pan grilled it.  Thinly sliced some fresh avocado and tomatoes.  Washed up some baby lettuce greens.  Tossed together some good ole mayo with a little (okay, a lot) Sriracha. Then we devoured it;  it was perfect, spicy, salty and creamy (thanks to the avocado).  There you have it …. the Spicy B.L.A.T.

What is your favorite way to make a BLT?



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