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I am basically behind on life. I can not seem to catch up on working, phone calls (sorry everyone), emails and especially Chez US. Life has become so incredibly busy with switching over to FVM and getting back into the “work” mode instead of fun. Who was I kidding, make a major life changing change during SUMMER FUN!

Anyhow, enough whining! The weather was scorching hot the past few days and one must take advantage when that happens in the city. We were really taking advantage of it … late night dining on the deck, leaving work early for icy cold beers beers at Revolution, scooter rides and now, we decided to invite a couple friends over on Saturday night for a bbq.

While we love to entertain, we both hate the fact that, that means I cook and barely get a chance to really sit down and enjoy everyones company. So, we came up with the idea of grilled pizzas; but, setting up a make your own pizza bar and to have everyone get dirty. Now this “revelation” came to us, during one of these pre-mentioned late night dinners, so when I was setting up everything, it just suddenly hit Lenny in the head like a 2 ton brick! “What?” “Have everyone make their own?” “Have them come in & out, making pizzas?” Did I lose my mind somewhere between, “What a Great Idea” and “WHAT????”. The plan did not CHANGE

Our 4 guests arrived and were very curious. What was this spread out on the table? As there was no need to break the news right away, we moved outside to enjoy the summer evening over a glass of wine and an outrageous white bean dip served with lots of crunchy veggies. This dip was so easy and I basically used what I had on hand, a couple lone cans of white beans. Really light and refreshing with the lemon juice, rosemary and garlic, really complimented the wine as well. (recipe at the end)

Once we had a couple glasses of wine and veggies, in our guests, we broke the news to them, they would be getting down and dirty tonight. At first, they looked like deers with headlights shining at them. I am sure, they were completely stumped. Lenny said he would man the grill and I took the group inside and prepared them with team building pizza making skills, ending the pep talk, with … “it will be fun, go for it!”

Once they started getting their hands dirty, the creative juices were flowing… there was dough being tossed in the air, mixtures of meat, herbs, cheese, veggies, everything … they were having a GREAT time! It is so easy, too. You put out a crazy combo of toppings (blanched potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, white corn, basil, thyme, cilantro, blue cheese, mozzarella, Italian sausage, green garlic, baby red onions, garlic scented cornmeal & regular cornmeal), homemade pizza dough, a big “fat” greek salad with lots of olives, feta and spicy peppers, lots of wine, a hot grill and a pizza stone – voila, you have a make your own pizza dinner!

Definitely a great party idea, not only were Lenny and I able to mingle and enjoy everyone’s company; everyone had a great time making their own pizzas!

More pizza porn here!

Bean Dip Recipe.


  1. Make Your Own Pizza is a great idea – it reminds me of french raclette or Vietnamese fondue where people get to make things for themselves and it’s a continuous conversation around the table.

    You guys really know how to set a lovely table too!

  2. GREAT blog post! You are always so up on the latest trends that I want to share with you a new one, but don’t want to turn your comment page into an ad. Please let me know if I may contact you about a great grilling / entertaining innovation for National Grilling Months (July)


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