The first time we made grilled pizzas, Lenny thought I lost my mind.  The next time we decided to make them, I also decided our guests would make their own individual ones, he really thought I lost my mind.  Both times, he was wrong.  Grilling pizza is easy and having your guests make their own is a huge hit!




Recently, when we had a warm pre-summer evening, we invited a couple friends over for pizza and wine.   The only thing was, they would be cooking their own pizzas.  These friends were newbies to our pizza dinner party concept and they loved it!   As this was completely last minute (say 6 pm) we were not prepared, so we had to use what we had in the house.  The toppings we came up with was:  black truffles, white corn, cilantro, prosciutto, caramelized fennel with red peppers, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, and eggs.



We have been meaning to give Celine a new recipe using her wonderful truffles and used this opportunity to exactly that.  We made a luscious prosciutto and black truffle pizza with egg – it was amazing!!!  Slightly salty and earthy with the creamiest of the just cooked egg!  If you love pizza, prosciutto, and truffles, this is your pizza!



Thank you for joining us at the Chez Us table;  we love having you here.

Have you made this recipe?  Please share what recipes you are enjoying from our site with us – we’d love to see them.  Use the hashtag #chezuseats on social media channels, then we can pull a chair up to your virtual table and share with our friends.

Grilled Prosciutto & Black Truffle Pizza


  • pizza dough, see recipe above
  • parmesan cheese
  • good quality prosciutto
  • good quality black truffles
  • organic eggs
  • black truffle oil
  • sea salt
  • fresh cracked black pepper

How To:

  1. Basically, we used our basic pizza dough recipe, topped it with Parmesan cheese, prosciutto and black truffles;  grilling it just until the dough was set and then topping it with an egg and cooking for another 3 – 5 minutes, depending on how you like your egg.
  2. Before serving to drizzle with a little black truffle oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.
  3. Serve.
  4. Eat.


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