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San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo

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I do not have tacos for you today because we are on our way to Guadalajara! Crazy I know, but a client wanted us to come down last minute, so we are literally on a plane now. There will be some taco research being done while we are there. Instead of tacos, I decided to share our trip to San Jose del Cabo that we took in June. It was heavenly and loaded with tacos!

San Jose del Cabo

Back in June we decided to take a long weekend to celebrate 13 years of love and adventure.  Typically we stay home, have a nice dinner and reminisce about the time gone by, this year was different.  There was a hotel we have wanted to check out in San Jose del Cabo, flights are quick and cheap from the Bay Area, and we have been itching for good Mexican food and margaritas;  so we booked it!

San Jose del Cabo

We are not your typical “tourist” when traveling.  We tend to stay away from mega-resorts that take all our money and prefer traveling off the beaten path to absorb the culture of the area along with the locals.  That is why we decided on San Jose del Cabo instead of Cabo.  

San Jose del Cabo is the colonial center of the southern tip of Baja Mexico.  Think of it has the quiet child while Cabo is the wild child.  It is often overlooked by tourists, as it is a bit more rustic and not as flashy.  That being said, after the hurricane hit the area last year and devastated most of the surrounding areas, there has been a revival to rebuild.  

This quaint and historic area is quickly becoming known for its fine galleries and amazing food.  I loved the dusty cobble stoned streets and the friendly smiles from the locals as we strolled by daily.   Slightly dusty with an occasional horse walking down the streets which are dotted with beautifully colored and colonial buildings.

San Jose del Cabo

We were only there for a long weekend, with all intentions of enjoying the hotel pool, drinking cold margaritas and beer, eating the local food, mixed with some galleries and a little shopping.  That is exactly what we did, four days of being lazy.  It was perfect, and we highly recommend!

More Photos – more than Mexico

San Jose del Cabo

Transportation – we decided not to rent a car this trip as our time was going to be spent at the pool.  We did book a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel with EcoBaja Tours.  We have used them in the past, and they are very professional, the buses are clean and air conditioned.  Easy to book online and runs about $22 per person, round trip.

Accommodations – typically we rent an apartment when traveling for pleasure, but after reading about this hotel, we knew we had to stay here.  Drift San Jose is a concept hotel with the independent and adventurous traveler in mind.  It is located within a couple blocks of the city center of San Jose del Cabo, and easy walking distance to restaurants and bars.  If you are feeling adventurous, the beach is only a 20 – 30-minute walk as well;  pack a cooler with a few beers, and off you go.  Drift is a modern hotel with eight rooms, which are completely different from each other.  All rooms are concrete with exposed piping, as well as minimal decor, and fun little touches done with art work or a hammock, even a punching bag.  We had a super sexy room with a gorgeous shower in the middle.  All rooms have wide windows that open to the elements which is welcome on a hot night.  The is a communal kitchen that we thought was a great touch as it gave us a chance to meet other guests and talk about the area while enjoying coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice every morning.  As well, there is a pool to cool off in during those hot desert days and a roof top deck to enjoy while sunning or submerging yourself in a good book.  A highlight of ours was the small but friendly bar where we enjoyed many cold beers and a few Mezcal tastings.  We will be back.

Drift Hotel San Jose del Cabo Mexico-2


Lolita Cafe – we had a wonderful breakfast here even though it wasn’t the traditional Mexican breakfast we were looking for.  Definitely pleasantly surprised, and the baked eggs and coffee were outstanding.  Be sure to ask for the extra sauces on the side – outstanding and nothing like we get at home.

La Osteria – unfortunately we did not have dinner at this restaurant but we did stop a couple times for afternoon margaritas, which were outstanding, and the best we had in the area.  The menu for dinner looks outstanding with an assortment of meat as well as seafood entrees.  As well, they offer live music in the evenings.  The atmosphere is chic but casual with a rustic feel.

La Lupita – we ate here twice, need I say more?  Outstanding food and service.  Definitely more of a “special evening out” price range but really the inovative tacos cannot be beat.  The sauces that are served alongside the appetizers as well as the tacos are amazing, and nothing like what we have at home;  lots of smokey peppers as well as a guacamole that is more on the loose side with an abundance of flavor.  The drink menu goes beyond beer and margaritas with interesting cocktails using an assorment of alcohol.  Be sure to check out the Mezcal tasting as well – it was informative and a fun addition to dinner.

Moriscos El Chino – why did we only find you on the last day!  This little mom and pop spot has the best ceviche in San Jose del Cabo.  Hands down the best.  The fish was incredly fresh, seasoned perfectly and the portions are huge.  Again, these crazy good sauces were served.  We were in seafood heaven!  The service is hospitable, warm and they made use feel like we were in their home kitchen.  They do not serve beer and are only open during the days – wish they were open for dinner and icy cold beer would be great, otherwise, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

San Jose del Cabo Mexico


Next Time:

We would rent a car and do a couple of day trips.  The beaches outside of the area are supposed to be great.  As well, Todos Santos is only an hour away.  The crew at Drift have great recommendations – be sure to ask them.

We also have these spots on our must dine list for next time:

The Drunken Sailor – supposedly they have great seafood and tacos.

Flora Farm – everyone said this was a must but we could not get a reservation.  Brunch is supposed to be the way to go.  The good news, they do have a cute little store in San Jose del Cabo.

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Brian @ A Thought For Food

Tuesday 11th of August 2015

What a wonderful guide! And, oh gosh, do you have me wanting to travel. We'll be in Mexico next year and I plan on getting my taco on big time!


Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Looks great! Love the pictures and the salad looks Delicious! Gemma xx