I do not have a taco for you this week.  Instead, I have something that is equally as good or maybe even better if you are not into tacos.  I have some super easy and delicious Mushroom Breakfast Burritos.  Come on, they are kind of like a taco or least they fall into the same category in my recipe book


Mushroom Breakfast Burritos | Chez Us


Now that I am working out a few days a week, I am on the lookout of easy breakfast meals I can enjoy at my desk.  This recipe for Mushroom Breakfast Burritos, which I developed for the Mushroom Channel, has become a favorite around our house.  It is quick to make, and delicious to eat.  Not to mention it gives me a burst of energy to make me hustle through my morning routine.

This recipe is made using the blendability approach, which is a great way to substitute mushrooms for meat.  You know what, your loved ones will not even realize the swap out.  Lenny thought I had used sausage in this recipe!

Head over to the Mushroom Channel for this great fungi inspired recipe, as well as others developed by some amazing food bloggers who are part of the Mushroom Ambassador program.

Recipe:  Mushroom Breakfast Burritos


{disclaimer:  This post is a collaboration between the Mushroom Channel and Chez Us.  All content and photos are my own, and were not influenced by other parties.  We appreciate our readers supporting sponsors that allow us to create exciting content for Chez Us}.

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