Isn’t this salmon gorgeous?  Deep and vibrant color;  you can actually see the texture on each slice.  The little subtle hints of curing;  black pepper, parsley, rosemary, lemon;  but, you still know it will be served as an appetizer with the nuts peeking out at  you.  It makes me hungry.  How about you?  Are you hungry?  You love the colors?  Layers?  Texture?

Photo Credit:  Danielle Tsi

Do you love to take photos?  Want to make a career change or even explore new venues?  Need a new hobby?  Maybe you are a  foodie?  Or even a food blogger?  Maybe  your photos look like this one?  Wouldn’t it be great if they all looked like that gorgeous salmon!

Keep Reading … there is a recipe!

Well, let me tell you a story.  I have studied photography on and off since I was 24;  mostly film, developing and B&W.  In all honesty, I have always had a camera near by, since I was about 8 or 9.  It has been a big interest and hobby.  I use to mostly take photos of traveling, friends, family;  you get the idea.  I never thought of putting two of my passions, food and shooting, until I started this blog, almost 4 years ago.  A couple years ago, Lenny and I were searching high and low for different creative outlets;  he wanted to take some basic DSLR courses (we were switching over) to get his feet wet in photography (he has been a video guy for some 15+ years) and I wanted to take some food related as well as lighting courses.  It was tough.  Even though we live in San Francisco, which kind of prides it’s self on being “creative”, it was tough to find courses that did not require a huge commitment of a few days a week over a period of three or four months or that cost a lot of money.  We both just wanted something to fill some extra free time and to push us to get out of our creative comfort box.

What did we do?  We looked around us.  We had more then a handful of friends who are professionals in their respected fields of photography and video.  As well, Lenny, was a professional;  he has been shooting video for some 15+ years.  We had a meeting of the minds with our friends and we all came to the same conclusion;  it was tough to find one or two day, affordable, hands-on learning opportunities in the digital media space.  As well, they all shared the same passion as we do, it is fun to teach others what you know and do best;  to watch someone blossom.

The Playground was born, which is an arm off of our regular business, FullView Media.  It has been a year and we have had fantastic results and feedback from our workshops.  Some of the workshops have had complete beginners in them, all the way up to very seasoned professionals, who are looking to brush up on a skill or learn a new aspect to add to their portfolios.  We are having a blast teaching our hands-on workshops.  Some of the workshops are taught in the photographer’s studios, while others are taught in an office space, that we have in downtown San Francisco.  We would love to share the same passion with all of you. We promise to keep the workshops to a day or two, fun, interactive, hands-on, and we try to keep the price as low as we can.  One thing we all agree on at the Playground, is that you need to constantly educate yourself when learning your craft.  Every workshop that we organize and then manage while it is going on, we pick up something new from it.  Our instructors are very talented and make learning fun.

We have two upcoming workshops that we wanted to share with you;  they promise to be a blast.

Food Photography

Video Production

Recipe:  Cured Salmon

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