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Wildgrain Box

Wildgrain Box

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Not sure about anyone else but during lockdown we baked more than our share of fresh bread as well as pastries and even Tartine croissants.  It was a very guilty pleasure to have the time to do so, and there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread being baked.  Pure comfort!  When Wildgrain reached out their timing was perfect as we needed to give our tired fingers a rest from all that kneading.  Now all we had to do was wait for our goodie box to arrive.  

Being a guest at Chez Us, you know we typically do not do reviews or for that matter share a product unless we really dig it.  Who doesn’t love fresh baked bread all the time?  Sure, we live in an area with an abundance of bakeries and we could run out to grab a loaf of bread but there is nothing like baking it at home.  At home without the a lot of fuss.  We are loving this company and everything they stand for such as using “clean wholesome” ingredients as well as being a small family run business.  

Wildgrain is a subscription box of baked goodies, that was founded by Johanna and Ismail, they are the cutest couple!  This lovely duo are on a mission to replace supermarket breads and pantry staples. Small-batch bakers and pasta makers across the country have partnered with Wildgrain to provide nutritious artisanal breads, pastas, and pastries in a monthly themed subscription box that’s too delicious to resist.  I wish I had found them earlier as their baking skills outshine mine in the kitchen.  With every order they donate 6 meals to a charity, how cool is that?

When you place an order you can pick between a Mixed Box (with bread, pasta and treats) or a Bakery Box (with bread and treats).  We went with the Mixed Box as we love fresh pasta.  Everything arrived on dry ice and completely frozen.  It was so simple, I was able to break open the Blueberry Biscuits and bake an afternoon treat for us, from box to table in under 30 minutes.  

It has been great being able to add fresh baked bread to our soup nights the past couple of weeks.  As well as being able to pop a cookie or two into the oven for movie night on a whim.  A quick oven preheat, and I am set!  We have yet to use the pasta as well as the croissants, but can tell you that the bread as well as the sweets have been devoured.

How do they taste?  If I am being completely honest, I was very surprised at how fresh from the bakery taste each item has.  We had a cranberry pecan loaf of bread with a kale soup last night, and it was so flavorful, and had that slight tangy taste of sourdough, as well the crumb was perfect.  Leftovers made delicious toast for breakfast the next day.

I have been telling my tribe about Wildgrain, and the first question is the price point.  It costs $89 per shipment which includes shipping, and you can pause, skip or even add more to your box.  There is no commitment.  It may seem like a lot at first but you also get a lot.  With our shipment we received, 3 loaves of bread, 2 pastas, and treats.  As well they offer specials each month, for instance right now you can get Free Croissants – think breakfast sandwiches!    

We love sharing the love so here you go!  If you want to try out a box for yourself, you can take $10 off your first time order being a Chez Us reader.  The month of March they are throwing in Fresh Croissants for Life (or until you cancel your subscription).  

Someone asked me “why would you buy frozen parbaked baked goods since you are a bake it from scratch kind of person?”  My answer, “because sometimes EASY is really GOOD”!  

We made this little video sharing their products as well as the Blueberry Biscuits we baked as soon as we got them.  Tip, if you want an extra golden top, lightly brush them with some heavy cream and a light sprinkle of sugar.  

Head to their site via this link and after setting up your account and placing an order, use the code CHEZUS to receive $10 off your first order!

Happy Baking!  

disclaimer – we were given Mixed Box to try out Wildgrain.  By no means were we obligated to write a post or share an experience.  We enjoyed the baked goods, and want to share the love with our readers.  Wildgrain has kindly offered our readers $10 off their first order. 

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