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It is that time of the year again;  new year, new beginnings, new bellies!   Same old conversation, just new goals.  WE are pretty disappointed in ourselves.  Since coming back from France we have been a couple mushy couch potatoes and jelly bellies.  We have not been on a bike, nor gone for a run or even climbed anything remotely resembling even a “mole” hill.  It is really too bad, since we actually lost weight while we were in Europe and we were noshing on pastries everyday.  The difference was, we were active, walking miles upon miles everyday for a month.

We  normally start the beginning of the year by doing a one week detox, this year will be no different.  Detox soup is loaded with fresh vegetables and is a great start at getting rid of the post-holiday toxins.  In addition to starting off with the detox we also give up alcohol for the month of January.  After a month of holiday cheer this is a change that our bodies thank us for.  In addition to detoxing we are going to stay on the Gluten Free path as much as we can.  We have found that when we eat gluten free we are sleeping better and we have more energy;  it is pretty amazing.  We feel we eat well as we are very aware of what goes into our mouths and where it comes from;  problem is quantity!  This year we are going to cut back on meats and add more fish as well we are going to cut back on portions and sweets.

Now the fun part of the taking control of our bodies;  getting out there and moving around.  We plan on hauling out our climbing bags, dusting off the bikes, unrolling those yoga mats and renewing those gym memberships.

Lenny is really excited to start climbing again and is even thinking of putting up a climbing wall for bouldering at our house.  He wants to climb El Cap this year and has made that one of his goals for 2011.

I am really excited to start riding that road-bike again and to hit spin classes.  I have not been on my bike since I hurt my ankle in France and it is definitely time.  I am not a runner but I do like to take challenging long walks and would really like to add this to my everyday work-out program.  I have been looking at Reebok EasyTone shoes and feel they would be a great addition for my fitness goals;  it is like adding the gym to your everyday life.   The EasyTone shoe is made with balance pods at the heel and foot of the show, these pods create instability in your everyday stride that engages your muscles, creating muscle tone in your lower body.  I am definitely intrigued by how this works and excited to experience it for myself.

We have made a commitment to ourselves as well as to each other that this year will be our year.  2011 is going to be our fittest year ever and we are pumped about it.  Over the course of the next month we will be revealing tips and tricks that are working for us.  These tips will not only be about working out but also about eating better and about mentally preparing for the best year ever.  First, we want to know …………

What are you doing this year to challenge yourself to be healthier and fitter? Leave a comment below for a chance to win $100 – a little something extra to help you jump start those 2011 goals and maybe try out a pair of Reebok EasyTones, you have from now until January 16, 2011.

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