I am sure most of us remember the famous cheese ball that showed up on our holiday tables.  Neon orange, processed cheese, with no flavor;  dry and crumbly when you cut into it but still, somewhat good.  Maybe because it was the holidays and we were already stuffing our bellies full of sugar, carbs, and goodness that it really did not matter.  Well, I don’t think I have had a cheese ball in years, like 30 years.  A couple weeks ago, my friend, Evelyn served a delicious cheese ball that she made as in not store bought.  It was full of cheese, dates, nuts, and flavor.  In fact, I could not stop eating it and am positive I consumed about half of it on my own.

We have had a few people over the past week for dinner and the cheese ball has become a regular guest on our table.  My recipe is a little different then Evelyn’s delicious cheese ball but it is equally as delicious and goes so well with a glass of bubbles, a cocktail or a nice glass of red wine.  I like to serve it with Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps as they are very flavor and hearty, a wonderful compliment to the depth of the blue cheese.  As well as being a delicious appetizer, it is so easy to make;  keep in mind you do need to start it the day before serving.

Blue Cheese Ball


1 package cream cheese, full fat, at room temperature
4 oz blue cheese, at room temperature
1 small shallot, peeled, minced, I used a micro-plane
1 small Meyer lemon, zested – you will only use the zest, use the juice from lemon in your next salad dressing
1 teaspoon black pepper
pecans, a handful, toasted
italian parsley, a handful

How To:

In a food processor combine all ingredients except pecans and parsley. Mix well.

Using a spatula, spoon the mixture onto a large piece of wax paper and form into a ball.

I bring the corners of the wax paper up to the middle and give a gentle twist to keep the cheese mixture as a ball.

Put in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Before serving, mince the pecans and parsley in a food processor; scatter on a cutting board and gently roll the cheese ball in the mixture.




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