We were talking over coffee this morning about how we eat so much better when we are in Paris.  And, this is funny because we eat pretty well back home, but here, we tend to eat small little meals.

For instance our day usually starts with ultra creamy (we are talking CUSTARD) yogurt, fresh baked pastries and fresh fruit just picked up from the market and coffee, lots of coffee and we linger in the apartment, listening to music, taking every Parisian breathe in and just enjoying each other.  It is really bliss.

We eventually head out and the first stop is the Tabac for a couple espressos, at which time, we figure out our day.  Keep in mind we have been here often, so we usually hit somewhere we have not been or we just wander the streets, taking it all in, with stops for more espressos or maybe a vin rouge.  Our big meal out is usually lunch, which means a quiant little French Bistro and lots of delicious food.  More wandering and then we head “home”.

I take great joy in going back out after putting my feet up for a bit, to pick up pastries, a bottle of wine and a bag full of  cheese, baguettes, endives, radishes, jambon and more wine.  The pastries are our afternoon snack.  By the time we take the last sweet bite into our mouths, we are on California time and we catch up on emails, phone calls and work.

After a few hours, it is time for dinner which usually is more creamy French cheese, baguettes, fresh produce, jambon and lots of wine.  We then explore a new neighborhood or take an old one in, even further.  We enjoy some music, a walk and a little vin rouge.  That is our perfect Paris.

Want to see more of Paris on a daily basis?  Then come with us!

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