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Travel Necessities

Travel Necessities

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If you are a regular reader you know how I am on the go all the time.  I get asked all the time how I do it, and what are my main travel necessities.  I finally realized when we had to fly last minute for a family emergency that I had everything perfectly ready to go at a moment’s notice.  It was seamless and actually made traveling at a mere moment so much easier.  Here are my top travel necessities that are ready to go all the time.  I keep them handy in a bathroom cabinet, and when I need to pack, I grab and go!

Travel Necessities

This is definitely something that did not just come to me one day.  I have been traveling since my teens, and my routine has evolved over the years.  I have tried every bag and brand I can think of, and these items are fail-proof.  At least in my humble opinion, they make my life easier and I feel good about recommending them to you.  By the way, no affiliate links here, just some honest sharing of stuff I love!

A Classic Leather Tote – over the years I have used the same style of bag to throw my laptop in as well as books, files I may need to work on, a makeup bag, travel blanket, and other little things I might want on the plane.  I have also tried different brands from no-names to Coach.  They always fall apart.  I purchased this super cute Cuyana tote about 3 years ago and it is still going strong, and I stuff it when I fly!   The leather is buttery!  I love that it has a zipper so my stuff is not flying out everywhere, and there is an inside pocket that I can put my phone in. I always have my media kit with me which is a small pouch with phone chargers, as well as a portable charger and other electronic chargers I may need, headphones, card readers, etc..

Leather Travel Set – I have owned this for 5 years and I wish it would fall apart only so I could get a new set in a different color.  Their colors are so sexy.  I have a gorgeous teal set which is perfectly fine, I just would love to have another color but feel guilty as it is still perfect after 5 years.  I use the larger one for my toiletries and the smaller one for my makeup.  Again, amazing quality and luscious leather!  I always have it full of the products I use daily, deodorant, toothpaste, dental floss, moisturizers, and toothbrush (I use at home and have an extra cover for travel).  I use Phlur fragrance and they have a great travel size that ie refillable.  

GoToob Containers – when I say I have tried all the TSA approved travel containers, I mean I have tried them all.  They always end up breaking or getting manky after a few months.  I purchased these a couple of years ago and love that they are going strong still.  I no longer hoard hotel shampoos and conditioners.  Now I keep my favorite shampoo and two different types of conditioners in these handy containers.  I rinse them out every month to keep them fresh.  Then I refill.

Beautycounter Travel-Sized Products – I have recently started using these travel-sized products from Beautycounter as I have completely started using safer skincare throughout our home.  There is one for women as well as men and the great thing is besides being clean is that the containers are refillable!

GoTubb Containers – I use these smaller containers for hair products as well as a facial soap.  They are big enough to hold enough product for two weeks.

Kellie Little Voyager Hair Brush – I never thought I would love a hairbrush but I do.  This is the best hairbrush ever.  I have wavy/curly hair and use to flat iron it every day to make straight.  Since I have used this brush, over 7 years, I have not used the flatiron.  It is truly magical and small enough for traveling.

Hair Dryer – I never risk a hotel having a hairdryer in the room or even a good hair dryer in the room.  I always carry a travel hairdryer.  I like this Conair dryer as it is 1875 watts and dries my hair fast.

Trench Coat – During all seasons except winter months, I travel with this coat.  It folds up compact enough to fit in the outside pocket of my suitcase so it is handy to grab when I land.  It doesn’t wrinkle either and always looks sharp from day to evening.  

Notebook and pen – I keep these in my purse, travel bag as well as camera bags.  I cannot live without it.

A good book or magazine to read – I am a junkie for books in print and always stop at the bookstore at the airport to grab a couple that I may not have already.  I am a sucker for foreign magazines so when overseas I stock up at the airport.  They always fit nicely into my large tote.

Flipflops – I always have a pair that I can use around the hotel room but stylish enough to wear to the pool or out to a casual dinner.

Berocca – I had a roommate from Australia who introduced me to this supplement some twenty years ago.  End of story.  I always travel with it as it keeps me alert and helps combat sniffles.

Pure Magnesium – this is a new to me add-in for my travel musts.  I have been using for three months now and I just sleep better when I use this oil.  It helps make travel away from home a bit easier too.

Eye Drops – Flying and air-conditioned hotels really dry my eyes out as does new environments that may include dust, smoke or even changing seasons.  Like like these drops as they are gentle on my eyes.

Earplugs – I have a very small ear canal and normally cannot wear earplugs.  The squishy ones that hotels give are the worse, and I always end up with ear pain after using.  Happy Ears has saved my day.  I purchased in 2021 before an overseas trip, and this is the first time I have slept on a flight in YEARS.  I like that they are made from recycled ocean plastics, and they come in different sizes.  The small fit my ears perfectly, and I never have ear pain.  I now own three pairs.  I keep one in my nightstand at home, one in my travel bag and the other in my media kit which I should share too!

Cashmere Wrap – I get cold on flights and this is a stylish way to warm up plus it looks stylish with everything.

21″ Carry-On – I became a fantastic packer when I worked at a travel agency twenty years ago.  When we flew on free airline tickets we could not check in bags.  I became very creative with what to pack and wear.  Now I can pack a carry on suitcase with enough clothes for two weeks to a month.  If it is for a month I do end up doing laundry.  I am currently using an American Tourist bag but am looking to replace as after 10 years it is finally taking a beating.

Do you have a great travel necessity that makes your life easy for traveling?  I would love to hear about it as I am always looking for ways to make life easier.



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