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Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

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I love peanut butter and one of my guilty pleasures is a spoonful right from the jar.  I am not picky either creamy or chunky is fine by me.  It is funny that I enjoy it so much because I am not a fan of the actual nut on its own.  What I like about these peanut butter cookies is that they taste like peanut butter as well they are light and buttery, almost like a shortbread cookie.

Peanut Butter Cookies

It has been years since I have had a really good peanut butter cookie.  Except for an occasional girl scout cookie.  I made peanut butter cookies in years either.  The reason for not making a good old fashioned peanut butter cookies is because most of the recipes take a lot of time.  As in hours of chilling before baking.  Not sure about you but when a cookie craving hits me I do not have hours to wait.  I need instant gratification.

I was getting ready to bake my nephew a box of cookies for his birthdays and decided to mix it up a bit as I usually bake him chocolate chip cookies.  A few important things for me was to create a recipe that couple be baked sooner than later, so off to work I went.  The first couple of times I made this recipe I used a natural brand of peanut butter and found that it was too oily and the cookies fell apart even when chilling the dough.  As well I felt like the chunky versions were too chunky.  I wanted a smooth and buttery cookie.  The peanut butter for this recipe is a classic creamy one, and I found that for an organic brand  Justin’s worked the best.  Jiffy also worked really well if you don’t want to go organic. 


  • To chill or not to chill?  I was able to bake these cookies right out of the mixing bowl but found they were a bit firmer if I chilled the dough 30 minutes.  I did not go any longer than 30 minutes and it worked well for me.
  • Another tip is to flour the fork lightly before imprinting the top of the cookies this little step prevents the fork from sticking and ruining the classic peanut butter cookie design.  


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Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

I have been baking a peanut butter cookie from an old book, Caprial's Desserts. Do you know it? Add ins are oatmeal, choc chips, coconut w/ crunchy PB. Total texture thing, yum. You might like it. Funny how PB brings you home. Your cookies look so delicious and its so sweet that you made them for your nephew. I can't wait to try your recipe. AmyRuth

Barbara Bakes

Wednesday 16th of June 2010

I agree a cookie should be instant gratification. They look delicious. I'll have to try the Whole Foods peanut butter.


Friday 11th of June 2010

I saw this on Foodgawker and just like everyone writes in comments - "these LOOK really good!"

I gave this recipe a try, followed the recipe to a 'T' and they were way too crumbly and dry. I couldn't make this again without making big changes to the recipe :(

I think I might stick to the Cooks Illustrated recipe and suck up the 1 hour refrigerated part.

The photo does look good though, it's true!

[email protected]

Thursday 10th of June 2010

Can I be your nephew? Please?


Friday 4th of June 2010

You must have inherited your love of peanut butter from your mother. A big spoon of it is wonderful, my favorite.